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“I couldn’t breathe, I needed an inhaler”: Zendaya’s Life Became Nightmare While Shooting One Particular Scene in Euphoria

"I couldn't breathe, I needed an inhaler": Zendaya's Life Became Nightmare While Shooting One Particular Scene in Euphoria

Despite the gritty and controversial theme of HBO’s Euphoria, Zendaya hasn’t backed away from defending the show and has been pretty outspoken about her love for Euphoria and her character, Rue Bennett. The Dune actress, who went on to garner multiple Emmys for her role in the critically acclaimed show Euphoria, has also expressed her appreciation for Sam Levinson’s writing and direction for the teen drama.

However, the role of Rue Bennet did come with its own set of challenges and difficulties for the Marvel actress, as the filming of one episode for the first season became a nightmare for the actress.

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The shooting of one particular episode for Euphoria took a toll on Zendaya’s health

Although the Dune actress did manage to overcome most of the difficulties that arrived with the role and delivered an exceptional performance in the show. However, Zendaya revealed that the condition for the filming of the carnival episode back in the first season was a nightmare for her. She explained that the process of filming in the dusty atmosphere took a toll on her health. The actress explained the situation by stating,

 “It was a nightmare… All night shoots. I couldn’t breathe. I needed an inhaler… It was dusty, but it was worth every moment.”

The showrunner, Sam Levinson also tuned in with Zendaya and expressed that the six days of shooting in that location were horrible for the entire crew. However, in retrospect, both the actress and the showrunner admitted that it was worth it, as it resulted in one of the best moments of the entire show. And despite the difficulties Zendaya had to endure during the shooting of that episode, it didn’t faze her love for the show, as the actress went on to commend its brilliant visuals.

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HBO's Euphoria
HBO’s Euphoria

Zendaya was awestruck by the cinematography of Euphoria

Apart from praising the show’s direction and writing, the Marvel actress also expressed that she was left in complete awe by the visuals of the show. Zendaya explained her appreciation for the brilliant cinematography in the entire show by stating,

“Every shot, whether it was literally just a two-second shot in the kitchen, or it’s a magical shot through a carnival, was shot beyond what my brain could have thought it would look like. It’s craziness.”

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Zendaya as Rue Bennett
Zendaya as Rue Bennett

With HBO’s Euphoria set for a third season, Zendaya will be looking to bring forward the same energy from the last seasons, as fans are assured that the actress will not fail to live up to the expectations.

Both seasons of Euphoria are available to stream on HBO Max.

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