“I couldn’t do it anymore”: Fast X Star Charlize Theron Went into Deep Depression After Injuries Ended Her Dreams

"I couldn't do it anymore": Fast X Star Charlize Theron Went into Deep Depression After Injuries Ended Her Dreams

Charlize Theron praised for her exceptional performances in the Fast X universe, had previously shared her experiences of a challenging period that dropped her into a deep depression. Despite her undeniable talent, the 47-year-old aspirations were shattered abruptly when an injury happened to her.

Charlize Theron
Actress, Charlize Theron

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As a young and aspiring individual in pursuit of her dreams, Theron was faced with a devastating reality, forcing her to lose her passion and make an unexpected transition into the world of acting.

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Charlize Theron’s Initial Dream Was To Pursue Ballet Dancing

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron’s Original Dream Was To Become Ballet Dancer

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Charlize Theron has cemented her status as one of the most prominent names in Hollywood. Throughout her outstanding career, Theron has garnered numerous accolades, solidifying her reputation as a challenging talent in the industry. 

However, before achieving fame and success in acting, the producer initially aspired to become a ballet dancer. She enrolled herself in ballet training at the young age of four, inspired by a deep passion for the art form.

At thirteen, she secured admission to a specialized ballet boarding school in Johannesburg, nurturing her dreams of becoming a ballerina.

Seeking to further pursue her ballet ambitions, Theron launched to the United States and enrolled at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York. Sadly, her aspirations took an unexpected turn when a knee injury shattered her dreams of a professional ballet career.

Charlize Theron
Producer, Charlize Theron

Reflecting on this challenging period in an interview on the Girlboss radio podcast, the actress shared,

“It was only once I couldn’t do it anymore that I went into this really deep depression, a friend’s basement with no windows. I hadn’t left for like two weeks and I was eating pints of Haagan Daaz just sitting on the couch.”

During that time of despair, Theron’s mother played a key role in supporting her. Offering support and encouragement, her mother reminded her that there were other routes to explore. The Fast X star admitted,

“And my mom flew out and she basically said, You can do this, by the way, in South Africa. We have a couch and we have ice cream.”

Theron was inspired by her mother’s advice to try acting after realizing that her passion for dance was derived from the storytelling aspect.

Though initially uncertain, she took a leap of faith and embarked on the world of acting.

Charlize Theron’s Entrance Into The Acting Industry

The renowned artist, known for her exceptional talent and captivating performances, embarked on a remarkable and unconventional path into the world of acting.

After a devastating knee injury scrambled her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, Theron found herself standing at a crossroads, longing to find a new outlet for her passion for storytelling.

Charlize Theron
Fast X Performer, Charlize Theron

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Determined to give acting a try, the Bombshell performer’s mother bought her a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, setting in motion a series of events that would shape her future. However, Theron admitted that her innocence played a role in her decision. She described,

“If I really knew what Hollywood was about and if I really knew how hard it was to become an actor…I would have never come out.”

Her introduction to the acting industry was far from traditional. Struggling financially during her early years in the United States, she relied on the light paychecks from her previous modeling gigs in New York.

It was during this challenging time that her mother sent her much-needed support in the form of checks. However, when she tried to cash one of these checks at a bank on Hollywood Boulevard, it was rejected due to being out of state.

In a desperate situation, a heated exchange with the teller caught the attention of talent agent John Crosby, who came to her aid. Recognizing her potential, Crosby offered to represent Theron, opening doors to casting directors and connecting her with an acting school.

Crosby played a vital role in Theron’s career, acting as her manager until his passing and leaving an unforgettable mark as her mentor.

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