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“I couldn’t let this one slide”: Hellboy Star Ron Perlman Blasts Elon Musk For Manipulating Free Speech, Gets Called Out For Staying Silent While Harvey Weinstein Terrorized Female Actors

Ron Perlman's tweet against Elon Musk ends up getting backfired.

Elon Musk finally took over Twitter on October 27, after starting the acquisition of the social media platform earlier this year in April by becoming the largest shareholder of the company. But it looks like the business magnate’s power grab isn’t sitting right with a lot of companies as many of them have already pulled their advertisements from Twitter as they wish to see how the new owner of the social media platform will operate things.

Elon Musk FandomWire
Elon Musk

As per the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, it’s the “content moderation concerns” that are making huge companies bring a sudden halt to their ads. And Elon Musk tweeted about the issue on November 4, as he pointed out the enormous dip in Twitter’s revenue, which he believes is a result of “activist groups pressurizing advertisers.” 

And as Tesla’s CEO brought up his concerns, a famous American actor, Ron Perlman made a rather salty response to Elon Musk, claiming that the latter is repressing the freedom of speech. But The Capture star’s remark is only earning criticism as his tweet ended up backfiring on him instead.

Ron Perlman replies to Elon Musk’s tweet about free speech

An agitated Elon Musk went over to Twitter to address the current issues the social media platform is facing with big companies like Audi and General Mills Inc. putting a pause on their advertisements after the billionaire took over the site, as a result of which, Twitter’s revenue faced a rotten drop.

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Ron Perlman
Ron Perlman

Musk claims that this is the doing of resentful activist groups that are coercing these advertisers to pull their ads, thereby ripping them off of their right to free speech. “Extremely messed up!” he noted in his tweet. “They’re trying to destroy free speech in America.” 

In response to that, Hellboy actor, Ron Perlman, said that it was Musk who was “manipulating free speech” and not the other way around.

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Sure, Perlman used a couple of fancy words and seems to have channeled his irritation while framing the response, but it looks like his tweet reached the wrong target audience as people are calling the 72-year-old actor out instead with his reply to Musk getting backfired.

Ron Perlman faces backlash for not speaking up when required

Way back in 2018, former American film producer, Harvey Weinstein was charged with rape and other sexual offenses, Perlman had remained silent at large with the excuse of professional restrictions. But The Name of the Rose star claimed to have peed on his hand before shaking it with Weinstein at a formal event, something he thought would showcase him in a light of dignity and bravery, but did nothing of the sort.

And as Perlman speaks up against Musk, fans are reminding the actor of the times when he didn’t take a concrete stance against issues that he clearly should have.

Just when Musk took over Twitter as the owner, Perlman tweeted saying “Welcome Elon, you little b**ch you. And Twitter out…” indicating that he would be leaving the social media site now that the founder of SpaceX held its reins. And as he apparently “popped back” to berate Musk yet again, people are laughing at him and calling him out for lying about leaving Twitter as a paltry way to grab attention.

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People are also pointing out how Perlman’s attempt at rebuking Musk is utterly futile as the latter is not going to care about the actor’s opinions at all.

In an amusing plot twist, Perlman’s apparently clever response ended up landing him in a heap of trouble and sarcastic remarks instead, with fans practically pushing him to leave Twitter, claiming that nobody is interested in hearing him out anyways.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the actor digs his way out of this one.

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Written by Khushi Shah

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