“I couldn’t move from the bed, my legs weren’t working”: Ben Affleck’s Wife Jennifer Lopez Was Exhausted After Her Gruelling Performance

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Jennifer Lopez is a powerhouse talent – from stage concerts to Super Bowl, very few can match her kind of energy. JLo’s iconic halftime show, together with another Latina star Shakira, proved to be the highlight of her career.

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at Super Bowl 2020
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at Super Bowl 2020

Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show in 2020 was a feast for the eyes. The 14-minute performance was a salute to Latin culture, as well as a celebration of both the stars’ stellar careers.


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Super Bowl Performance Almost Left Jennifer Lopez Physically Paralyzed

Jennifer Lopez was grateful for the opportunity, although she confessed it left her drained and feeling like she was hit by a truck. In an interview with Oprah, she talked about the performance and the struggles she went through after it:


After the Super Bowl, I was in pretty good shape, but I was also exhausted, and I took a little time, and I was relaxing.”

The singer admitted taking a few weeks off to recharge, as the aftermath of that powerful concert took a toll on her body.

I felt like I had got hit by a truck after the Super Bowl. I think it was because I started working on Hustlers the February before. And I went from Hustlers to the tour to Hustlers coming out, to filming a movie that I just did called Marry Me, to the Super Bowl. It’s non-stop.”

Jennifer Lopez 1
Jennifer Lopez

With so many projects demanding her attention, Lopez wanted to get through the Super Bowl as soon as possible. And as anticipated, she was fatigued the next day.


I could not move from the bed. My legs weren’t working; it was done.”

Lopez shared that she tried to take a month off from working out after that gruelling performance at the Super Bowl. Not pushing her body to its limit, the singer prioritized her recovery. Speaking with The View, the 53-year-old superstar said:

I got home, and I’m like, ‘I’m going to take the whole month off’, and I did; the whole month of December. When we got to January, I was like, ‘I need to start picking it up again.’ And it was hard. It was hard to pick it up again.”

The actress, who stars in Netflix’s The Mother, recalled suffering from a health scare in her late 20s due to exhaustion. She admitted to being physically paralyzed and completely frozen inside her trailer. But a change in lifestyle and self-care routine helped her recuperate.


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Jennifer Lopez Sends Important Message Through Super Bowl Finale Song

Jennifer Lopez 2
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the Super Bowl was one of the most talked about and celebrated halftime shows. She revealed to Oprah that it was dedicated to all girls and women around the world, choosing the song ‘Let’s Get Loud’ to wrap up the show:


I knew I wanted to put forth a message because I knew who I was representing. I knew I was representing not just myself but women, Latinos, and everybody, and all humans. The message that was very clear to me that needed to be said was, ‘Be proud of who you are, and don’t ever be afraid to use your voice and get loud in the face of injustice or anything that you don’t agree with.’

With that exploding performance, Jennifer Lopez showed the world what a versatile artist she is. The Super Bowl 2020 halftime show is available to watch on YouTube.

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