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“I couldn’t tell him he was my first love”: Scarlett Johansson Claims Actor-Singer David Bowie Made Her Realize Own Sexuality

"I couldn't tell him he was my first love": Scarlett Johansson Claims Actor-Singer David Bowie Made Her Realize Own Sexuality

Scarlett Johansson is not only one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, but her art of balancing controversial opinions makes her a smart, witty, and notoriously gorgeous figure. The Black Widow actress once claimed how late singer David Bowie helped her discover her sexuality. The moment she got to meet the legend, Johansson was just starstruck and couldn’t contain herself.

Late singer, David Bowie is Scarlett Johansson's first love
Late singer, David Bowie is Scarlett Johansson’s first love

Scarlett Johansson Accepted Being A Sexual Being Through David Bowie’s Songs

Labeled as a sex symbol, Scarlett Johansson is known as the world’s most attractive woman. But again, she has often credited celebrity crush Partick Swayze and legendary singer, David Bowie for having an everlasting effect on her. She accepted that it was the late singer, whose songs helped her realize her sexuality.

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The Under the Skin actress revealed in an interview:

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“I learned I was a sexual being through David Bowie’s songs. I watched ‘Chinatown’ when I was nine. Patrick Swayze was my biggest crush. He still is. And David Bowie in ‘Labyrinth’.

They opened my eyes to sexuality! Whoa! They both looked great in extremely tight pants.”

Scarlett Johansson collaborated with David Bowie
Scarlett Johansson collaborated with David Bowie for Tom Waits’ Falling Down

Johansson also shared that when she finally got the chance to meet the Space Oddity artist at a 2006 party, she was captivated and could barely find words. The Lost in Translation actor confessed:

“I actually met him a year or so ago, backstage at one of his concerts. I couldn’t tell him he was my first love because I couldn’t actually speak when he shook my hand.”

Interestingly, the actress, who also holds a short music career, lived her wildest fantasy after her biggest crush. David Bowie ended up being her collaborator in Tom Waits’ cover, Falling Down.

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Scarlett Johansson “Basically Peed” After David Bowie Agreed To Collaborate!

Scarlett Johansson had a brief singing career during the time she was finding success with the controversial Woody Allen movies. From being Scarlett Johansson’s man of dreams, to collaborating with her on her studio album, Anywhere I Lay My Head (2008), the moment was like a dream come true for the Marvel star. She said:

“Bowie became involved in kind of an amazing way. It was incredible, actually. When I first wanted to do the Bette Midler-Tom Waits duet, I was thinking about who would I duet with, and who would make it interesting. I thought, Maybe, you know, David Bowie.”

David Bowie as Nicola Tesla in Scarlett Johansson's The Prestige
David Bowie as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige

A series of events led the Fame singer to actually lend his vocal talent to Johansson’s 2008 album. Johansson jokingly said:

“He already knew what parts he was going to sing. I just, you know, basically peed myself when I found out.”

Interestingly, Johansson had already starred alongside David Bowie in the 2006 psychological thriller, The Prestige, which included an ensemble cast including Christian Bale, Michael Cane, and Hugh Jackman. Bowie sadly passed away on January 10, 2016.

The Prestige can be rented or purchased on Amazon Instant Video.

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