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“I couldn’t tell you if I did know”: Katherine Langford Reveals If Her Morgan Stark Will Ever Return Amidst Robert Downey Jr. Appearing in Secret Wars Rumors

Katherine Langford Iron Man

In a deleted scene of Avengers: Endgame, the famous Thirteen Reasons Why star, Katherine Langford reportedly played the grown-up character of Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan Stark. But because the scene didn’t make it to the final shot, the audience didn’t get to see the actress in the said role.

Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford

However, she recently teased fans on the subject of her comeback to the MCU, and people are already anticipating her return to the big screens, possibly in Marvel’s upcoming film, Avengers: Secret Wars, along with the revival of the most popular avenger, Tony Stark himself.

Katherine Langford addresses her return to the MCU

In a Q&A that she recently indulged in on her Instagram, Katherine Langford came across a question about her return to the MCU. Upon being asked when fans would be able to see her as an official part of Marvel again, the Australian actress gave a rather clever response, revealing neither too much nor too less.

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Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford talks about her comeback to the MCU

“I don’t have an answer, and I couldn’t tell you if I did,” she mentioned. “Either way, it was an honor being asked to play Morgan.” Langford further acknowledged Robert Downey Jr. and his role as Iron Man, claiming that he left an “incomparable legacy” by playing the superhero and left a great impact on her. “I love that guy 3000,” she concluded.

Though Langford didn’t reveal much through her cryptic reply, she did say that even if Marvel Studios had something in store for her character, she couldn’t give it away to fans as of right now. She also stated that though she didn’t have any information to satiate the curiosity of fans, if the opportunity ever presented itself, she would “love to” play Morgan Stark again in the future.

So, there is some hope left with regard to seeing her on the big screen after all.

Will Katherine Langford return to Secret Wars?

In the deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame, Langford’s Morgan Stark had apparently gone to the Soul World after Iron Man’s epic snap to extricate the universe from Thanos’ oppressive grasp.

Fans are already convinced that they would be able to see Robert Downey Jr. in Secret Wars and now rumor has it that Tony Stark’s daughter would be featured in the film too. A grown-up version of her, of course.

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Tony Stark's Daughter Morgan Stark
Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan Stark

Although it is undisclosed whether any official word between the Love, Simon star and Marvel Studios has been exchanged with regard to the former’s return to the MCU, we at least know that Langford is more than happy to partake in future projects as Morgan Stark again.

Even after being scrapped from the final cut of Endgame, Langford is still looking forward to working with the superhero franchise, considering she gets the chance to. And that’s definitely a good sign.

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to release on May 1, 2026.

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