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“I definitely fanboyed over him”: 1 One Piece Actor Intimidated Everyone on Set Including Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy

1 One Piece Actor Intimidated Everyone on Set Including Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy

One Piece live-action broke the stereotype that live-action anime adaptations could not be successful. The ground-breaking success of the show indicated a clear message: with proper decisions, one can pull off such projects. One of the show’s highlights was the actors, who flawlessly portrayed their assigned roles. One actor on the show managed to intimidate everyone, including Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy.

Going Merry in One Piece
One Piece Live Action

One Piece live-action had many world-renowned actors who captivated the audience’s hearts due to their surreal performances. One of them was Vincent Regan, who portrayed Garp; due to his strong personality and the aura he emits, Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy were intimidated to a certain extent.

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How Vincent Regan intimidated Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy on the set of One Piece Live Action

Vincent Regan plays the iconic character of Garp in One Piece live-action. He had an outstanding performance, and fans are thrilled with what they have.

Fandomwire Video

Although the decision to include Garp in the show’s first season was shocking since he was introduced very late in the manga, Netflix and the team decided to introduce him early on, and it turned out to be a good decision overall.

Garp, Koby and Helmeppo
Garp, Koby, and Helmeppo

In a video shared on Netflix’s YouTube channel, the one-piece cast reacts to some of the most iconic moments of the season. In the video, Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy reveal that, at first, they were very intimidated by him.



However, that was not the case with Jacob Romero, who stated that he fanboyed over him. Vincent Regan is a well-known name in the industry and nailed his performance as Garp in the series, and fans are eager to see more of him.

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Vincent Regan’s performance in One Piece Live Action

Vincent Regan replicated the character of Garp as closely as he could have and did an excellent job of accurately representing the character.

Garp was introduced later on in the manga, but he was introduced very quickly in the Live action. Fans are delighted with the decision of Vincent Regan to be cast as Garp.

Garp in Netlix's One Piece
Garp in Netflix’s One Piece

Garp is a significant character in the series and plays a pivotal role in the upcoming arcs; therefore, casting someone who can do this arduous task was necessary.

Vincent Regan gave an outstanding performance, and now fans believe nobody could have portrayed Garp any better than him.

One Piece live-action two has been announced, but no release date has been issued yet. The upcoming season of the series will introduce new characters to the viewers, and many unforgettable moments are about to be animated.

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Source: Netflix’s YouTube Channel 


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