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“I did 15 in West Side Story”: Steven Spielberg Quickly Shut Down Jurassic World Director for His Bizarre Complain After Trashing His $1B Legacy With Chris Pratt

Steven Spielberg Quickly Shut Down Jurassic World Director for His Bizarre Complain After Trashing His $1B Legacy With Chris Pratt

Steven Spielberg has been known around the world as a visionary director with a penchant for always doing something unique. The director has often pushed boundaries which led to the creation of the Jurassic Park franchise back in 1993.

Taking upon his legacy, director Colin Trevorrow directed the Jurassic World trilogy which was certainly not up to par with the original movies. In an interview, the director talked about how Steven Spielberg quickly shut him up when Trevorrow had a complaint while shooting Jurassic World Dominion.

Steven Spielberg on the sets of Jurassic Park
Steven Spielberg on the sets of Jurassic Park

Colin Trevorrow Had Complained To Steven Spielberg

Continuing Steven Spielberg’s legacy, director Colin Trevorrow took upon the chance to direct the 2015 movie Jurassic World. With a fresh start and starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the lead roles, Jurassic World was a different take on the classic Spielberg franchise.

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A still from Jurassic World Dominion
A still from Jurassic World Dominion

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Directing two more movies, Colin Trevorrow found himself in a bit of a complication since there were so many actors in the movie. Talking about how during the ending sequence of the movie Trevorrow had to involve 7 to 8 actors in a single frame, the director had complained about his troubles to Steven Spielberg. Well, Spielberg was quick to shut him up by stating that he had taken a shot where 15 actors were in a frame!

“Yeah, it’s funny because I remember I said to Steven [Spielberg], “In the last act of the movie, it was really hard having to block six, seven, sometimes eight people into a frame and always do it differently every time.” And after I complained about it to Steven, he said, “Well, I did 15 in West Side Story.” And I was like, “Damnit, Steven! Of course you did.” (Laughs.)”

Although Spielberg had a quick reply ready, director Colin Trevorrow revealed that the iconic director kept a respectable distance even though he was serving as the executive producer of the movie.

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Steven Spielberg Likes To Keep A Respectable Distance

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg

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Since the majority of the shooting took place under COVID protocols, Spielberg was unable to reunite with the original cast members of Jurassic Park. Director Colin Trevorrow stated that Spielberg was a man who liked to keep his distance since serving as an executive producer of the movie, Spielberg did not hinder the filming at all.

“He’s actually been very respectful of the distance that he keeps from a filmmaker that he’s producing. He’s always very involved in the script stage, and then in post, he’ll watch the cut. But aside from a couple of moments on the first one where he just had cool ideas that he wanted to see, he keeps a bit of a distance when I’m actually shooting.”

Steven Spielberg’s original trilogy of Jurassic Park essentially revolutionized Hollywood with the proper usage of CGI. The first Jurassic Park received a high rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes while Jurassic World received 71%. Although both franchises deteriorated over time, Collin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World franchise took much of the beating with its sequels. Jurassic World Dominion is available to stream on Prime Video in the U.S.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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