“I did a Christian Bale”: $150M Rich Hugh Grant Disses the Dark Knight Star After His Tantrum on ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Set That Left Innocent Woman Traumatized

“I did a Christian Bale”: $150M Rich Hugh Grant Disses the Dark Knight Star After His Tantrum on ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Set That Left Innocent Woman Traumatized

Hugh Grant is known for his witty and confident personality. The actor is well respected in the industry for his versatility and the skill to play a wide variety of roles. The actor can effortlessly portray complex emotions, and he prefers to do it with perfection. However, The Four Weddings and a Funeral actor have another side where he has a notorious reputation on the set and how detail-oriented the actor is on the set.

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

The Gentlemen actor recently talked about an incident on the set of Dungeon and Dragon where he had a tantrum and was embarrassed for it, and while talking about it, he referred to his tantrum as Christian Bale referring to the actor’s famous apology after yelling on the set of Terminator: Salvation.

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Hugh Grant had a Tantrum on the set of Dungeons & Dragons

Hugh Grant talked about how he created an embarrassing incident on the set of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves when he lost his temper and had a tantrum. The actor told that “I did a Christian Bale,” when he mistook an innocent woman who was present on the set. However, the woman was a chaperone of a young child actor and he did a “lot of groveling” upon realizing his mistake.

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“I lost my temper with a woman in my eyeline on day one. I assumed she was some executive from the studio who should have known better. Then it turns out that she’s an extremely nice local woman who was the chaperone of the young girl. Terrible. A lot of groveling…I did a Christian Bale.”

The cast of Dungeon and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

The Sense and Sensibility actor has a notorious tantrum and he has been labeled as the ‘worst guest’ on The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart and called him a “big pain in the a**.” The actor also talked about his tantrum at the show and said “I did have a tantrum backstage [at ‘The Daily Show’]. About once a year, I have a really mega-tantrum, and sadly he witnessed one.” And as a self-acclaimed perfectionist, Hugh Grant’s co-stars have talked about how the actor keeps an eye on meticulous details while filming.

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Christian Bale’s Tantrum on the Set of Terminator: Salvation

During an interview with MTV, Christian Bale talked about how much he regrets being in the Terminator franchise, and he admitted that he never wanted to be a part of it and turned them down “three times.”

Christian Bale

The actor talked about the series of misfortunes that hurt the film’s success, as well as about the temper tantrum. The American Psycho actor regretted his tantrum and called it a “very unusual occasion,” and a “great learning lesson” as an actor.

“It’s a great thorn in my side, because I wish we could have reinvigorated [the franchise]. And unfortunately, during production, you could tell that wasn’t happening. It’s a great shame.”

 “That was a very unusual occasion. Great learning lesson for me. No matter how much you lose yourself in a scene, you do not allow yourself to behave that way. And yeah, of course I’ve got enormous regrets about it.”

Even though Bale is an intense actor, he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye, and there are several instances when the actor gets annoyed when the fans come to him and ask for an autograph or a picture, and he has expressed his regrets and how we would work to move on from those incidents.

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Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves would premiere on big screens on 31st March 2023.

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