“I did call him the bane of my existence”: Harrison Ford’s Co-star Comes Clean About Their Alleged Bad Blood

"I did call him the bane of my existence": Harrison Ford's Co-star Comes Clean About Their Alleged Bad Blood
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Josh Hartnett, the star of Oppenheimer, denies ever having a feud with Harrison Ford. The two performers shared a screen in Hollywood Homicide, a 2003 comedy about the misadventures of two LA detectives. On a $75 million budget, the movie only made a little over $50 million, which was a huge letdown for both actors. It was also reportedly hampered by on-set disagreement between Hartnett and Ford. Hartnett, however, brushes off the media coverage of their disagreement twenty years after the film’s debut.

Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett

Hartnett asserted that he and Ford were never as at odds as had been implied in publications during an interview with The Independent. Instead, the actor thinks the remarks were misinterpreted. Read more to find out what Hartnett has to say.

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Josh Hartnett blames the drama-led newspapers

Josh Hartnett joins the Oppenheimer cast as Ernest Lawrence
Josh Hartnett joins the Oppenheimer cast as Ernest Lawrence

While talking to The Independent, Pearl Harbor actor Josh Hartnett revealed that he and his co-star in Hollywood Homicide, Harrison Ford were never at war and blamed the media at the time for exaggerating to sell copies. He said,

“Drama sold newspapers, especially back then, But we actually got along really well. There were things that we disagreed about on set as far as [the script], and there was a lot of rewriting happening. But it was misinterpreted as ‘They don’t get along!”

He added,

“It certainly wasn’t a set that was filled with tension. I think I did call him ‘the bane of my existence’ when we were on the press tour for that movie, but that was just because he was constantly ribbing me. And that’s just his way.”

Though overblown, Hartnett had earlier himself mentioned to the press about a couple of incidents during shoots where he and his co-star Ford were at a standoff with each other.


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Josh Hartnett revealed his standoffs with co-actor Harrison Ford during filming

Harrison Ford and Josh Harnett in Hollywood Homicide
Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett in Hollywood Homicide

Previously, Hartnett discussed his on-screen confrontations with Ford in a 2003 interview with ContactMusic. The actor revealed how during filming, Ford and Hartnett did not go talking to each for an hour but eventually, the duo sorted their issues out. Read his full quote below

“There were times we would end up just sitting in the car when we were supposed to be doing a scene, and neither of us would say anything for like an hour. I think there was a testing period I had to endure, but we ended up getting along near the end.”

Josh Hartnett will be seen next in Oppenheimer as Ernest Lawrence, who, like most of the characters, is based on a real-life person. Nuclear physicist, Lawrence received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for developing the cyclotron.


Oppenheimer will hit the theatres on July 21, 2023.

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