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“I did feel a little bit rejected”: Brian Cox Feels His Succession Character Should Return Despite Shocking Death Scene

Brian Cox Feels His Succession Character Should Return Despite Shocking Death Scene

HBO hit series Succession has been buzzing with ideas and fan theories regarding the end of the show. Especially after the creators killed the lead character Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, in just the third episode of Season 4. With the pace at which Succession is moving, it seems anything is possible. 

Brian Cox
Brian Cox

However, killing off the main character was indeed a sick move. Although it tickled audiences’ curiosity and hooked them to the screen even more, Brian Cox wasn’t quite happy with how his character was written off. Appearing for an interview with BBC, the 76-year-old actor discussed his stunning death, and called it “too early”. 

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Brian Cox Disappointed With His Onscreen Death 

With recent news stating, Season 4 shall mark the end of Succession, fans are left awestruck following the death of Logan Roy by the third episode of season 4. Although his death was inevitable considering the health crisis he suffered since the pilot episode, it was quite uncanny to witness him die on a plane ride to Sweden. 

HBO TV series Succession (2018)

Following the death of Logan Roy played by Brian Cox, the actor appeared for an interview with BBC, to discuss his ending on the show. Just like the viewers were stunned by the death of the media patriarch and Waystar CEO Logan Roy, even Cox was surprised by his ending. He reportedly claimed, writing off his character during a plane ride was “ultimately too early.

Brian Cox
Cox plays Logan Roy in Succession

Brian Cox believed, his character should have died by the 5th or 6th episode of Season 4. “I was fine with it, ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected” Cox shared. He further added, “You know, I felt a little bit, oh, all the work I’ve done, and finally I’m going to, you know, end up as an ear on a carpet of a plane”. Expressing his disappointment related to Logan Roy’s death, Cox even shared an alternative twist.  

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Brian Cox Discussed A Shocking Twist 

Claiming to have filmed his death scene over a year and a half ago, to avoid leaking the news of Logan Roy’s death, Brian Cox brought out his Pandora’s box of surprising twists. The Scotland native shared with BBC’s Amol Rajan, how his character can still be alive. “I still believe this: maybe Logan isn’t dead” the 76-year-old actor insisted. 

Brian Cox
Brian Cox felt rejected by his character’s death

Reigniting curiosity and hope in his fans’ minds, Cox touched upon an alternate ending for his character. “This could be part of an elaborate ruse to find out,” he mentioned. Giving out his opinion the actor highlighted aspects from the show to put weightage on his idea.

“Well, if you think about it, from Logan’s point of view, he has to find out, how are his children going to behave when he dies, what will then happen?” Cox stated. 

Brian Cox
Cox gave out surprising twist for his character

Elaborating his plot twist, Brian Cox further stated, “And the only way to do that is to fake his death and actually, at some distant point he’s observing the chaos that is following”. Listening carefully, Rajan asked if Logan Roy is coming back from the dead, to which Cox reverted, “No […] I’m just saying that could have been a supposition”. 

Succession‘s 90 minutes series finale airs on Sunday 28th May 2023. Catch up with the entire series only on HBO. 

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Source: BBC