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“I did get hit with a piece of chicken”: Before Earning $450 Million Through Comedy, Kevin Hart Had a Demoralising Experience in His First Stand-up

"I did get hit with a piece of chicken": Before Earning $450 Million Through Comedy, Kevin Hart Had a Demoralising Experience in His First Stand-up

Kevin Hart has always been pretty exceptional with his mic skills and is widely known for being one of the funniest guys in modern Hollywood. But apart from his success in the field of comedy, the actor alongside his pal Dwayne Johnson is responsible for bringing a whole new level to the Buddy genre in movies. Following their chemistry, the duo is responsible for delivering some exceptional comedies over the last decade.

However, it wasn’t always the case for Kevin hart, as he had to wait for a long while before eventually finding his footing in the industry. And the wait wasn’t easy for the actor and brought alongside its fair share of half-eaten chicken wings.

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Die Hart Star Kevin Hart
Die Hart Star, Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was hit with a chicken wing during his initial stand-up routine

Despite garnering mammoth success in the field of stand-up comedy, it didn’t come off easy for Kevin Hart, as his initial shows weren’t that well received. Following his slow start, the actor admitted that once someone threw a piece of a chicken wing at him to express their distaste for his performance, which wasn’t a pleasant experience for an uprising comedian. However, he jokingly clarified that despite being hit with a chicken wing, there weren’t any boos from the crowd. He said,

“You Know, I don’t, I didn’t get booed offstage, that’s aggressive. I did get hit with a piece of chicken though, that’s factual. But they didn’t boo me. The chicken just landed and I felt it was the best decision to get off the stage after the buffalo sauce got in my eye. It’s pretty tough to finish a joke when you got goddamn Habanero sauce in your eye. So I left, but I didn’t get booed, No boo!”

Despite this demoralizing experience, the buffalo sauce wasn’t enough to keep Hart down for long. He soon found his footing in comedy and went on to win several shows and even cement his place as an A-lister in Hollywood. However, comedy isn’t the only field the actor has expertise in.

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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart considers himself an exceptional shoe salesman

Before becoming an accomplished comedian, Hart admitted that he was a pretty skilled shoe salesman and even went as far as to express that he might even be one of the best to ever do it. While replying to fans’ comments, the Die Hart star didn’t back away from showcasing his expertise in the field as he went on to state,

“I can tell you whatever you need. Supinate, Pronate, condensed, EVA, polyurethane. What Kind of support do you need? High arch? You got flat feet? Are you looking for something that protects your shin a little more? You want forefoot protection? I know all that stuff.

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Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Despite that one experience that could have shattered his whole confidence and killed his dream to pursue success in the field of comedy, Kevin Hart didn’t let that one bad experience dictate his goals and is now regarded as one of the best comedians of our time.

Source: GQ

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