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“I did Magnum. It’s not so bad, is it?”: Tom Selleck Defends Choosing Magnum P.I. Over Indiana Jones, Letting Harrison Ford Take Over $2.8B Franchise

"I did Magnum. It's not so bad, is it?": Tom Selleck Defends Choosing Magnum P.I. Over Indiana Jones, Letting Harrison Ford Take Over $2.8B Franchise

Harrison Ford is well on his way to making his final appearance in the fifth Indiana Jones movie, a franchise that he was the face of for over more than 4 decades. In giving it an amazing goodbye, fans will hope that the franchise is able to recruit someone with as much swagger and style as Ford had to play the titular character.

In fact, there was one such candidate for the role of Indiana Jones who didn’t end up getting the role due to other commitments. But as Harrison Ford says in his most recent interview, this 80s star would now be the perfect replacement for him after he leaves the franchise for good.

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Harrison Ford Shares His Pick For His Indiana Jones Replacement

It’s sad to see actors who worked their life off to nail a role every single time leave despite all the good times. Harrison Ford’s exit from the Indiana Jones franchise is one such departure that even though fans have anticipated it, still hurts like hell.

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Now the looming question is who could possibly replace the legendary actor in the role? There have been a lot of candidates and they’re all worthy as well- actors like Ryan Gosling and Winstone Duke have been named.

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But the 80-year-old star has his own pick for who he thinks could fill in his spot in the action-adventure franchise. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ford said-

“Tom Selleck”.

As any hardcore Indiana Jones fan would know, Tom Selleck was the main candidate for Raiders of the Lost Ark. But things didn’t work out for Selleck with the franchise as he had committed to the Magnum, P.I. contract, and CBS wouldn’t let him take the time off from the crime-drama TV series.

Ford continues, and humbles himself a little bit-

“No. I feel lucky I got it. But I don’t feel that he’s had an unlucky career. He seems like a happy guy.”

Some things just aren’t meant to be, but if Selleck ever thinks of finally working on the role then he can proudly say the star of the franchise has his back.

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Tom Selleck Doesn’t Regret Not Playing Indiana Jones At All

Tom Selleck and Harrison Ford could quite possibly be on two different pages of the same book here regarding the role of Indiana Jones. One wants the other to replace him, while the other… is quite happy with where he stands.

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Tom Selleck

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During an interview with BUILD Series back in 2017, Tom Selleck talked about how CBS wouldn’t allow him to star in the now billion-dollar franchise at the time-

“Turned out, CBS wouldn’t let me do it. They held the offer out for about a month — Harrison Ford hates to hear this. Harrison, this is your role and you’re indelible in it, it’s just an interesting story.”

However, the 78-year-old actor takes pride in still having played his part in Magnum, P.I.-

“But, yeah, I mean, look — I signed a deal for Magnum, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m proud that I lived up to my contract. Some people said, ‘You gotta get in the car and drive into a brick wall and get injured and get out of Magnum and do this.’ I said, ‘I gotta look my mom and dad in the eye and we don’t do that,’ so I did Magnum. It’s not so bad, is it?”

Well, it’s safe to say that at least both actors are happy with what they have achieved rather than this being a tale of the winner and a loser!

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is scheduled for a theatrical release on 30 June 2023.

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