“I didn’t find it moving”: Logan Director Didn’t Find Original Comics Impressive After Refusing Hugh Jackman’s Clint Eastwood Pitch for His Swan Song

“I didn’t find it moving”: Logan Director Didn’t Find Original Comics Impressive After Refusing Hugh Jackman’s Clint Eastwood Pitch for His Swan Song
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Hugh Jackman’s 17 years of commitment to Marvel Comics’ Wolverine, finally came to an end with his first R-rated movie Logan (2017). Inspired by the immense financial success of Deadpool, Fox authorized director James Mangold to take charge and go hard-R on Logan. Giving way to an intense, brutal film, full of sudden waves of bloody mayhem, the 2017 movie gained overwhelming response from viewers. 

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

However, despite his dedication and commitment to the project, film director James Mangold confessed to being unimpressed by the original comics and Logan’s representation in them. Further taking full control of the picturesque, Mangold even denied Hugh Jackman of his Clint Eastwood pitch. 

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James Mangold Was Unimpressed With Marvel Comics’ Logan

The 2017 Wolverine film Logan, is a poignant study of aging and infirmity. Thus, posing as a semi-functioning alcoholic, with muscle pains, fading eyesight, and a very aging patriarchal beard, Hugh Jackman sharpened his claws once again for the James Mangold-directed movie. Returning to simply give closure to Marvel’s most popular mutant, Logan’s death followed by a subsequent X over his grave definitely dropped the curtains for the character.  

Logan (2017)
Logan (2017)

Based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s popular 2008 comic book series, Old Man Logan, Hugh Jackman’s 2017 movie was set in a dystopian future featuring a much older Wolverine. Thus, while the movie was in making, fans were pumped for the big-screen adaptation of the comics. However, director James Mangold had different ideas in his mind. Speaking with DiscussingFilm, Mangold mentioned being utterly unimpressed by the Marvel comics. 

I really admired Old Man Logan. I loved the vibe, the tone…That was really liberating. Now, the plot that they came up with in Old Man Logan was not workable for me. For one reason I didn’t find it moving.” James Mangold revealed. 

James Mangold
James Mangold was unimpressed with Marvel comics

Getting further into the discussion, Mangold found it necessary to explain his reasons for being unimpressed with the comics. “It felt like a nihilistic journey through different spheres and worlds. But I wanted to feel Logan.” the director began. He further added, “[Logan’s] pain, and his journey in a way that I didn’t think I could get at through that plot, which was incredibly imaginative and picaresque.”


Further stating how he couldn’t make use of several aspects and characters in Old Man Logan, Mangold mentioned being highly influenced by the comics. 

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James Mangold Refused Hugh Jackman’s Idea Pitch In Logan 

Although James Mangold didn’t quite adapt his movie from Old Man Logan, he definitely made sure about the fate of Wolverine by the end of Logan. Considering the cold and unfortunate end, fans can’t help but ponder about the different endings that might have happened if Hugh Jackman would have managed to convince the director about his idea. 

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman wanted a different ending for Logan

Trying to pitch an ending like that of Clint Eastwood’s Western classic, Unforgiven, Hugh Jackman wanted to add a hit of continuity to the movie. By the end of Unforgiven, Eastwood didn’t perish but was forced to live with the memories of all the people he had executed in his life. Considering the fact that James Mangold wasn’t adapting entirely from the comics, Jackman thus found the scope to pitch his idea. 

It’s more powerful that Munny doesn’t die at the end. You assume he’s going to die, but by taking that final action and shooting everyone down, he embraces all the darkness he’s tried to put outside him. Now he’s got to live with it, and it’s almost more devastating.” Hugh Jackman told Yahoo

James Mangold with Hugh Jackman
James Mangold refused Hugh Jackman’s idea

However, eventually, the director put his foot down and refused Jackman’s idea. Although the actor eventually admitted that the plan was always for Logan to meet his maker in the film. 

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