“I didn’t know I had a problem”: Tom Cruise’s Rumored Ex-Flame Sofia Vergara’s Cruel Treatment From Fans Made Her Self-Conscious About Her Own Body

Tom Cruise’s Rumored Ex-Flame Sofia Vergara’s Cruel Treatment From Fans Made Her Self-Conscious About Her Own Body

When it comes to looking sharp, whether on a high-speed train while fighting a villain or jumping off a mountain peak, Tom Cruise doesn’t miss.

Fans or critics, in general, can criticize Cruise for his lack of versatility in acting or take aim at the exposition-dragged plotline of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, but they’ll have to work really hard to find the 61-year-old lacking in the department of looks. In almost every picture, he still looks as fine and as young as the Ethan Hunt of 1996.

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun
Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun.

However, not everyone in the industry is as camera-friendly as the Top Gun: Maverick star, and there are moments or two where they struggle to look at their best. The same applies to one of his rumored flames, Sofia Vergara.

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How Fans Made Sofia Vergara Self-Conscious About Her Own Body

Tom Cruise is not publicly romantically linked to anyone at the moment, but over the years, the superstar has managed to attract some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara.

From Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman to Penélope Cruz and Katie Holmes, the dating history of the Oblivion actor is enough to send most men into a state of oblivion for a second or two with jealousy.

Modern Family fame Sofia Vergara also reportedly had a short romantic relationship with Cruise. Though the Latin beauty denies such claims. Regardless, considering how entertaining and expressive Vergara seems in her interviews, it would’ve been really fun to see their chemistry and dynamics publicly.

In one of her many funny interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, the 51-year-old talked about her struggle with Paparazzi pictures of her while eating. She reflected on the issue on The Ellen Show in 2021, admitting:

“I didn’t know I had a problem until people started posting pictures of me of paparazzi eating and then I started to realize. It’s like, what’s wrong with me? But you know, you have to give it to me. I’m always long hours on a set, you get bored, you get a little anxious, and what else are you gonna do?”

To be fair to Vergara, it’s very understandable to eat frequently, especially when one works so hard all the time. If anything, it’s actually brilliant how she still manages to look so much in shape despite constantly getting caught by Paparazzi while eating.

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How Even While Eating Sofia Vergara Ensures Her Make-up Artist Is Happy

While Vergara might not be able to look perfect in every paparazzi picture, the Chef star has apparently got it all figured out when it comes to ensuring that her makeup artist is happy despite her apparent constant eating.

Sofia Vergara
Modern Family star Sofia Vergara.

In the same interview, she continued (via The Ellen Show):

“I have a technique that my makeup artists appreciate. Because you open the mouth really wide and you don’t mess up your lipstick. I know how to eat and it doesn’t mess up the lipstick.”

In fact, Vergara was so sure about her technique that she insisted she was ready to teach DeGeneres and her audience how to eat.

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Source: The Ellen Show

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