“I didn’t know who he was”: Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Reveals She Didn’t Know Brendan Fraser Before The Whale

“I didn’t know who he was”: Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Reveals She Didn’t Know Brendan Fraser Before The Whale
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if you are familiar with the superhit Netflix series Stranger Things, then you probably also know Sadie Sink, who has become more popular as Max in the show after the latest season aired on the OTT platform. In her role as the gaming champion of Hawkins’ arcade scene, she was also seen martyring herself in the latest season, which has fans putting more emphasis on her character’s future in the series.

Actress Sadie Sink
Sadie Sink

But taking a detour from the show, fans have also been hyped about Sink’s other adventures in the Hollywood industry, mainly, the audiences with her fans are gushing over her incredible performance alongside The Mummy actor Brendan Fraser in their Academy Award-Nominated film The Whale. Although in the film, both of them showed an exceptional relationship dynamic, it was kind of embarrassing for her to admit that she didn’t know who Fraser was before they became co-stars.

Sadie Sink Didn’t Know Who Brendan Fraser Was Before The Whale

The Whale cast
The Whale cast at the Venice Film Festival

As Stranger Things star Sadie Sink gets more and more notoriety amongst the people of the film industry, it’s obvious that she will get a lot of opportunities to showcase her talent in other projects ts as well. One of these projects happens to be director Darren Arronofsky’s classic The Whale. This film was another classic created by the director that received a 10-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival this year.


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With the film nominated for an Oscar Award, Sink’s popularity skyrocketed, and she was finally able to prove that she can be dynamic with her performance. Although she is popular now among the cine-goers, she is fairly new to the industry with limited exposure to many potential roles, that’s why it wasn’t a big surprise that she had no idea who her co-star Brendan Fraser was until she became his co-star in The Whale. During an interview with Insider, she said:

“I met Brendan for the first time about a year before the movie started filming, I think [director Darren Arronofsky] and [Sam D. Hunter], the writer, wanted to hear it read aloud. So they assembled a group of actors to just come to this theater in the East Village and read The Whale. I didn’t know who he was. I was unfamiliar with his work, but I was just like, ‘Hey, nice to meet you,'”

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What Is Next For Sadie Sink?

Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield in Stranger Thins (2017-).
Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

After the critical success of The Whale, it seems like Sink has opened up a door leading to a sea of opportunities. But coming back to her origins, it seems like Stranger Things is all set to release its final season on Netflix very soon. With her fate hanging in the balance in the cliffhanger ending of season 4, it remains a mystery what will become of her character going into season 5, or whether we will see her return at all.

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The Whale, released on 9th Dec 2022 in limited cinemas in the US


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