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“I didn’t return the phone call”: Robert Downey Jr. Was Left Stranded by Blade Star Wesley Snipes, Left Iron Man Star Helpless Despite His Struggle With Addiction

“I didn’t return the phone call”: Robert Downey Jr. Was Left Stranded by Blade Star Wesley Snipes, Left Iron Man Star Helpless Despite His Struggle With Addiction

Robert Downey Jr., the star actor who played the most significant part in making Marvel Studios what it is today with his Iron Man character, departed from MCU after his famous line “I am Iron Man” in Avengers: Endgame. When MCU started gaining fame and other big actors starred in the franchise, RDJ had already perfected his cast as Iron Man.

We all know that no one is perfect and this was also the case for RDJ as he had asked a former Marvel superhero for help. Robert Downey Jr. had asked Wesley Snipes who portrayed the titular vampire hunter in the Blade trilogy for advice about the superhero universe but did not get any response from him.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

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RDJ’s Phone Call For Help to Blade Star Wesley Snipes

Robert Downey Jr. was very serious about his casting as and in Iron Man after he had separated himself from drugs and other life-threatening things. And it was his first good opportunity in many years, which if successful, could be a huge thing for him, and he did not want to screw this up. So to get some help with the background of the studio and comic character acting, he called up his co-star from One Night Stand, Wesley Snipes for help. Snipes had previously portrayed the Marvel character Blade in his trilogy and was well-versed in the superhero universe.

“I remember he actually called me, but I didn’t return the phone call at the time. Robert was concerned before Iron Man and was trying to find out what it’s like to play this comic book character, because I had already done Blade. Not to say that… OK, I’ll take all the credit for his success as Iron Man”

Wesley Snipes as vampire hunter, Blade
Wesley Snipes as a vampire hunter, Blade

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Though the call went through, Wesley Snipes did not respond to his call nor did he call RDJ back, and from what we know, Downey did more than fine with his role, as currently, the franchise is standing with a multi-billion foundation. Wesley Snipes in an interview with The Telegraph commented about Downey Jr, saying, “He’s an extremely multitalented actor that I respect. I enjoyed working with him”. Now, RDJ is earning millions of dollars from Marvel Studios and is living a lavish life, being the amazing actor and human he is.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Drug Addiction Almost Cost Him His Life

Robert Downey Jr. in his 30s was arrested multiple times and even went to jail on multiple occasions. Once he was stopped for speeding and was further found to be in possession of multiple drugs like heroin, cocaine, and even a gun – a .357 Magnum. In another instance, police were called and RDJ was found in a wild situation where he was asleep in his neighbor’s 11-year-old son’s room. After multiple arrests and sleepless nights in cells, he finally opened his eyes to how dire his situation was getting, and started to mend his ways.

RDJ to star in Oppenheimer
RDJ to star in Oppenheimer

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Rober Downey Jr. had previously attempted rehabilitation a couple of times despite his dislike for the program as he was not able to commit to the cause. Instead, he started the 12-step therapy program which included many other activities. He completed the total therapy program and with further help, he mended his ways, got rid of his drug addiction, and got married to his valentine. Currently, Robert Downey Jr., millions of dollars later, is prepping for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer is set to premiere in theaters on 21 July 2023.

Source: The Telegraph

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