“I didn’t say what I wanted to”: Jennifer Lawrence Admits Getting Proposed by Husband Cooke Maroney Was A ‘Terrifying’ Moment for Her

Jennifer Lawrence Admits Getting Proposed by Husband Cooke Maroney Was A 'Terrifying' Moment for Her
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Jennifer Lawrence is happily married to Cooke Maroney and the two have managed to stay out of the public eye while still managing to maintain their own sense of privacy. While the actress is someone who often talks about the ups and downs of life and how she overcame them, she keeps a boundary so as to not overshare. This has allowed her to expose information about herself that only she wishes for others to know.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

When it comes to her relationship and how her marital life is going, there is not as much known about them as many would like. However, that does not mean the actress would let her fans go hungry without some intel. One particular incident, which they had been yearning to know about, was of her marriage and how Maroney’s proposal went.

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Jennifer Lawrence Had A Lot Of Things Left Unsaid

When there is a big event people would prepare themselves, they might go through various scenarios to make sure they don’t mess up the upcoming special moment. Jennifer Lawrence was no different before she got proposed to by Cooke Maroney. The art gallery director and the actress got together in 2018 and have since been desperately in love. She saw a future with him and had even somewhat prepared herself for the moment he would propose to her.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

“I didn’t say what I wanted to. I imagined it a million times, and then I ended up just going, ‘What? What? What?’ And then going, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.'”

The actress admitted that no amount of practice could have prepared her for the moment. She was so overwhelmed with emotions that all she could think about was Maroney and how much she was glad he chose her. She was taken aback and at a loss for words. Even with so much she wanted to say to him, she only found herself thanking him.

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Jennifer Lawrence Almost Called Off Her Wedding With Cooke Maroney

While the actress was out shooting for Causeway, she started to experience some massive anxiety about whether or not marrying Cooke Maroney was the best idea. In her time away from him, she thought again and again that her decision might not be the best.

Jennifer Lawrence
The Hunger Games Artist, Jennifer Lawrence

“I’m so happy I didn’t freak out and cancel the wedding and run away.”

She was more than happy that she did not go through with her intrusive thoughts. The moment she met up with her then-fiance again, she knew that her saying yes to him was the best decision of her life and would marry him in a heartbeat.

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