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“I didn’t think I had enough time”: Nicolas Cage Lost Potential Oscar Award for Refusing to Take Steroids for $44M Movie

"I didn't think I had enough time": Nicolas Cage Lost Potential Oscar Award for Refusing to Take Steroids for $44M Movie

In the entertainment industry, actors often go to great lengths to showcase their characters in their purest form. This is usually done by getting into the required shape and even sometimes perfecting the accent. This is exactly what actor Nicolas Cage did in order to prepare for his role in The Wrestler (2008).

However, the actor spent so much getting into the perfect physique that he had to pass up the opportunity to actor Mickey Rourke. The fans never got to see Nicolas Cage playing the role and all his hard work was left unpraised.

Nicolas Cage was supposed to be the star of The Wrestler (2008)

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

In 2008, director Darren Aronofsky released a movie called The Wrestler. The movie revolves around an aging wrestler who struggles to keep up with wrestling. He eventually understands that he has to come to terms with what life has to offer at this stage and move on.

Initially, actor Nicolas Cage was selected to play the role of Randy “The Ram” Robinson, however, he decided to pass on the opportunity to Mickey Rourke. The movie required the star of the film to go through intense workouts and diet in order to achieve the required physique.

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Why did Nicolas Cage refuse to play the role?

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

The reason why Nicolas Cage refused to play the part is quite simple. The role was of a boxer who was on steroids and Cage was against that. In a 2009 interview with Access Online, Cage explained,

“I wasn’t quote ‘dropped’ from the movie. I resigned from the movie because I didn’t think I had enough time to achieve the look of the wrestler who was on steroids, which I would never do.”

He further explained that the movie was “written for” Mickey Rourke and that is why he passed on the role to him.

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Mickey Rourke’s work in the film was outstanding

Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke

Ultimately, Mickey Rourke played the role, and his performance was loved by fans all over the world. He was recognized for his work as he received a Golden Globe and a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Rourke has hinted in the past that his good physique in the movie was achieved through steroids. He was once asked if he took steroids to prepare for the role and he simply replied,

“When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler.”

The actor reportedly worked out twice a day with an Israeli cage fighter and had seven meals a day to bulk up.

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Source: Access Online

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