“I didn’t want any of his tricks”: James Bond Director Had to Slow Down Jackie Chan in $145M Movie to Make it Look Realistic Despite His Advanced Age

James Bond Director Had to Slow Down Jackie Chan in $145M Movie to Make it Look Realistic Despite His Advanced Age
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From the lanes of Hong Kong to the big screens in Hollywood, action superstar Jackie Chan has carved an inspiring journey for himself. The martial arts expert-turned-actor has made his mark in films that have showcased his unique skills as a fighter while also proving that he has what it takes to nail comedic roles as well.

Jackie Chan
Action star Jackie Chan

IN 2017, an older but equally fit Jackie Chan was cast by director Martin Campbell in The Foreigner in which the Asian star got the opportunity to delve into a very different side of his action training. In a role that was intense and serious, Campbell spoke of his experiences with Chan and the dilemma he had while trying to curb the celebrity’s natural instincts as an aggressive fighter.

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Jackie Chan Was Forced To Change His Fighting Technique In The Foreigner

In The Foreigner directed by Martin Campbell, Jackie Chan plays an avenging father who loses his daughter tragically in a terrorist attack. Chan, then 65, gave one of his most powerful and intense performances that saw the star incorporate action in a very different manner. As an ageing father, Campbell wanted the Rush Hour star to use his fighting skills by changing his body language to suit the age of the character. Speaking to Slash Film, Campbell said,

“I was quite tough on him, in terms I wanted to keep the old man feel about him. I made his body language hunched a little bit, old man-ish. I mean, Jackie was 65 at the time, but he’s very fit. I kept the action all within the military if you know what I mean. I wanted it to be military. I didn’t want any of his tricks or any of his dropping ladders over the heads of waiters, which he does so brilliantly.”

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan in The Foreigner

Despite going against his natural instincts,The Green Lantern director further lauded Chan for understanding the brief to perfection and being able to modify his style to suit the character that showed a completely different side of his personality.

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Jackie Chan’s Deep Knowledge Of Action Made Rush Hour A Success

Before his alternative turn in The Foreigner, Jackie Chan’s expertise and deep understanding of action was seen in the Rush Hour films as well. Considered a cult classic among buddy action flicks, the 3 installments made fantastic money while earning a great deal of praise for the Asian star and Chris Tucker. The Hong Kong actor also confessed that he was surprised by the film’s success despite its poor showing in his home country. Chan himself can be credited for making the film a blockbuster thanks to his advice to director Brett Ratner. The star insisted that the action sequences should have less gunfights and less bloodshed and instead concentrate on traditional stylized combats.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour

The martial arts veteran went on to state that these choreographed action sequences were dramatically different from the ones already seen in other American action flicks which resulted in Rush Hour becoming a global hit. While there have been talks of a potential 4th installment starring  Tucker and Chan, more information about this is yet to be made public.

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