“I do mostly old-school liftings with a lot of squats”: Even the Wolverine Hugh Jackman Hates Leg Days, Reveals the One Exercise He Could Happily Do For His Entire Life

"I do mostly old-school liftings with a lot of squats": Even the Wolverine Hugh Jackman Hates Leg Days, Reveals the One Exercise He Could Happily Do For His Entire Life
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Hugh Jackman has always flaunted a Godly physique whenever he appeared as Wolverine on-screen. It’s certainly not easy for an actor to carry out the gigantic responsibility of playing such an important character over so many years. However, Jackman performed it with ease and always tried to look the best in the character. It is a result of an intense workout regime and sheer hard work that has enabled The Prestige actor to be hailed as one of the best superhero castings ever.

Hugh Jackman from the movie Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Surprisingly, when Hugh Jackman shared his intense workout routine for the Marvel role, we witnessed that even our beloved Wolverine hates leg days. When the actor shared every tidbit about his daily workout routine, it was also revealed that there’s a particular exercise that the Aussie could do his entire life – deadlifting.

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What is Hugh Jackman’s favorite exercise?

Hugh Jackman
Some glimpses from Hugh Jackman’s workout routine

Hugh Jackman‘s intense workout regime also shows that his system is very ‘old-school’ and highly organic. The X-Men: Days of the Future Past actor spoke about how he absolutely hates his leg days. The Australian star believes that maintaining a physique is far easier than starting everything from scratch. So the 54-year-old makes sure to maintain a fit body with the correct blend of workout and a proper diet.

Soon after the upcoming Deadpool 3 was announced, some workout photos of Hugh Jackman took the fandom by storm. The actor boasted a monstrous physique and still had the charm with which he aced the character for such a long period. When he discussed his workout routine with the LA Times, the actor admitted that the favorite exercise that he can never leave behind.

“My least favorite is the legs. … I do quite a few chin-ups and rows. I do mostly old-school lifting with a lot of squats. I actually do more front squats than I do back squats, and I do a lot of deadlifting. If I could only do one exercise, it would be deadlifting. For cardio, I dance, I ride my bike, I run and I have kids. There is a … lot of cardio just from being a parent.”

Those who are planning to start a journey to get a physique like Hugh Jackman can take notes as the actor spoke on the importance of a good diet as well. According to the Oscar-nominated actor, diet has a significant contribution to a healthy physique and constitutes seventy percent of the physique.


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Deadpool 3 director speaks on his experience with Hugh Jackman

Shawn Levy (center) with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Shawn Levy (center) with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

After a long period of uncertainty, when Deadpool 3 was finally announced, it was a major event in the world of pop culture. Fans couldn’t control themselves as the return of Hugh Jackman was announced in the Ryan Reynolds R-rated Bloodfest. Nobody could expect even the slightest that the Marvel veteran would return even after having concluded his journey.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Jackman’s return who was last seen in Logan. Director Shawn Levy, who is going to helm the upcoming multiversal flick, revealed to Collider that Deadpool 3 is bliss for a director as two actors in their iconic characters are seen sharing the screen.


“You have two major movie stars together in a movie playing their most iconic signature roles – that is director heaven. So the story, the tone, the movie itself leans into that gift of having Deadpool and Wolverine co-starring in a movie for the first time. So, we’re definitely not running away from that.”

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Deadpool 3 promises us a lot of bloodbaths and a multiversal journey filled with numerous theater-roaring cameos. The story will reportedly follow the iconic comic series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and will feature our Wade Wilson on a journey to eliminate the old 20th Century Fox’s Marvel Universe.

Deadpool 3 is set to be released on May 4, 2024.


Source: LA Times | Collider

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