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“I don’t care, F*cking say whatever the hell you want about me”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Lost it After Question About His Dating Life

jeremy renner

Stardom and fame tend to demand the acquiescence of privacy, as is the case with the life of innumerable celebrities. But at the end of the day, even actors need personal space. After all, who would want their entire life to be an open book for the whole world to see? Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Cate Blanchett, all are very tight-lipped when it comes to discussing their personal lives. And so is Jeremy Renner.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

While there have been plenty of rumors about who Renner has been romantically involved with in the past, The Avengers star always made it a point to be reticent about his dating history. He never actively addressed the majority of such gossip. But when fingers were pointed at him for his sexual preferences, that’s where he drew the line.

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Jeremy Renner’s Response to Rumors About His Sexual Preferences

In an old interview with Playboy magazine, Jeremy Renner seethingly shut down rumors about him being gay, berating people for making sordid gossip out of his sexual preferences in the first place.

“I’m not going to try to prove what I am or am not. It’s silly, right? When you Google yourself and the first thing that comes up is ‘Jeremy Renner gay,’ it’s like, ‘Oh, now you’ve arrived. You’re now a giant star.'” 

Renner also remarked how he couldn’t care less about what people thought of him or what the tabloids said about his personal life. But he did point out the fact that it was shameful how the idea of him being gay carried a “negative” connotation as if it was a “perversion.”

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner was angry when his personal life was dissected for gossip

“I don’t care, ultimately, if that’s what people want to think, read and care about. F**king say whatever the hell you want about me. Look at where we’re at socially, leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. That’s an amazing thing. To suggest that it’s negative, that being gay is a terrible thing, a perversion or whatever — I just don’t get it.” 

Back in 2015, when the The Mayor of Kingstown star did an interview, he was still recovering from the fresh wound of a divorce.

Renner had been married to Sonni Pacheco for eleven months and even welcomed a daughter with her. But the couple separated when Pacheo filed for divorce, accusing her ex-husband of severe emotional and verbal abuse. The Hawkeye actor denied all allegations and finalized their split officially within a year of their marriage.

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Who is Jeremy Renner Currently Dating? 

It looks like the Academy Award-nominated actor only has one girl he’s focused on right now – his daughter, Ava Berlin Renner.

While Renner has joint custody of his daughter with his ex-wife, Pacheo had, at first, demanded primary legal custody after deeming the former’s house to be unsafe for Ava. But after a chaotic legal battle, both parents came to a consensus, and at present share custody of their 9-year-old daughter.

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Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife co-parenting Ava

Renner, 52, currently doesn’t appear to be dating anyone, at least not publicly. The Bourne Legacy star was previously reportedly going out with Bloodshot actress Eiza González when the two were spotted during a Super Bowl weekend in 2021. However, neither of the two confirmed or denied said rumors.

Source: Playboy

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