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“I don’t care what you do, who gives a sh*t”: Alec Baldwin Was Surprised After Working With Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Alec Baldwin Was Surprised After Working With Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Alec Baldwin has been one of the veteran actors in Hollywood that work to this day. The actor also shared the screen with Tom Cruise when Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was released. In an interview, Alec Baldwin detailed his experience with the Top Gun actor.

While seemingly referring to the nasty Scientology business that people accuse Tom Cruise of, Alec Baldwin simply didn’t care. Baldwin had nothing but praise for Tom Cruise and reflected upon the trajectory of the actor during 25+ years of fame in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin.
Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin Does Not Care About Tom Cruise’s Business

Although the title is self-explanatory, Tom Cruise was actually accused of some horrible things due to his involvement in the Church of Scientology. Alec Baldwin, the actor known for popular roles in movies like The Departed (2006) and It’s Complicated (2009) had to share the screen with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is known for the Mission: Impossible franchise.
Tom Cruise is known for the Mission: Impossible franchise.

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After the release of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015), Alec Baldwin tuned into The Howard Stern Show to talk about the film. As the topic of Tom Cruise came into discussion, Alec Baldwin had some pretty nonchalant statements about the actor. While referring to the whole church of Scientology business, Baldwin stated “who gives a sh*t”.

“I say to myself maybe there’s a religion or maybe there’s a philosophy that helped him to negotiate that space” said Baldwin while referring to the practice of Scientology.

The actor continued,

“Because you’re getting the bends man, you’re like ‘who do I trust? What’s real?’ and I say to myself ‘I don’t care what you do, whatever you need to do, whatever pill you need to take, whatever diet you need to go on, whatever type of pillow you need to sleep on, who gives a sh*t? It’s none of your business!” 

Alec Baldwin had nothing but further praise for Tom Cruise as he recounted the many, numerous achievements that Cruise had done in his professional career.

“Who’s been shot out of a canon and gone up into the stratosphere more than Tom [Cruise]?” the Las Vegas actor started saying. “From when he was very young, he became a big movie star. Risky business, he was a kid! He wasn’t born on a soundstage in Hollywood…he was an ordinary kid from New Jersey or whatever,”

Although Alec Baldwin steered clear from the heavy and borderline cult-like behaviors of Tom Cruise, the actor does have some brown stains on his shirt. Tom Cruise has been involved in a number of controversies dating as far back as 2003.

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Tom Cruise, Scientology, And, Psychiatry

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.

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During earlier times, Tom Cruise had publicly stated a controversial statement in January 2004. Keeping in mind that he was already associated with the Church of Scientology, Cruise stated that,

“I think psychiatry should be outlawed.”

The Top Gun: Maverick actor also found himself in further chaos when he rebuked actress Brooke Shields for using Paxil (an anti-depressant). The Mummy actor had landed himself in many more controversies like these over the years until recently when it all quieted down.

Tom Cruise also recently thanked the people by jumping out of an airplane for their love of Top Gun: Maverick. Tom Cruise is currently busy shooting Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Two. Tom Cruise’s latest flick Top Gun: Maverick is available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: The Howard Stern Show

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