“I don’t do that, I’m short”: Martin Scorsese Says He Can Not Secretly Sneak Into Public Screening Of His Movies For a Hilarious Reason

Despite being the mind behind the film, Scorsese doesn't like to watch his own films with the public.

"I don't do that, I'm short": Martin Scorsese Says He Can Not Secretly Sneak Into Public Screening Of His Movies For a Hilarious Reason


  • Martin Scorsese reveals that he doesn't go to the public screenings of the films he has directed anymore.
  • He reveals that because of his short height, there's always someone sitting in front of him who is taller, blocking his view of the screen.
  • Along with that, people are constantly moving around, which distracts him from the film several times while viewing it.
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Naturally, the most prestigious moment in a filmmaker’s career is when they get to witness the film project they worked on day and night being enjoyed by the public on the big screen. Martin Scorsese, too, is no starnger to that feeling since he’s hailed as one of the most iconic and influential directors in the history of cinema.

Martin Scorsese in a still from Taxi Driver
Martin Scorsese in a still from Taxi Driver

But unlike most filmmakers who have the habit of sneaking into public screenings and feeling the atmosphere that their films were able to create in the theatres, he doesn’t do that, not in recent years at least. The reason for that is simply because he is short in height, which means he cannot look at the films on the screen because somebody always blocks off his view by sitting in front of him.

Martin Scorsese Doesn’t Sneak Into Public Screenings Of His Films

Martin Scorsese in a still from The Age of Innocence
Martin Scorsese in a still from The Age of Innocence

When it comes to gems from the history of cinema, the name of Martin Scorsese will always be taken with a great amount of reverence and respect for his filmmaking talent. And just like any other director, he takes great pride in his work with every project that he’s a part of. But when it comes to appreciating that work, despite doing so on his own, is unable to do so with the rest of the world.


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In a recent interview profile with Variety, the Gangs of New York director, along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone, was talking about their journey in their recent Oscar-nominated film Killers of the Flower Moon. Here, interviewer Matt Donnely asked Scorsese if he goes to watch the public screenings of his films.

To this, the director replied with a no, saying that since he’s short, there’s always someone tall enough to block off his view of the screen, which just ruins the experience a little. He said:


“I don’t do that. People talk and move around a lot. I’m short, and there’s always a big person in front of me. It’s the same with Broadway — I can’t go to theater. There’s someone in front of me, and I can’t see the stage or hear the show.”

He does reveal that for this exact reason, he loves watching films in IMAX, where the viewers are stated at an elevation, which is where he can view the film without any unwanted interruptions or obstacles.

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Why Is Martin Scorsese Such A Celebrated Filmmaker

Martin Scorsese in a still from Hugo
Martin Scorsese in a still from Hugo

To gauge the greatness that Martin Scorsese brings with his filmmaking prowess, it would be far easier to witness it from one of his several award-winning films rather than read about it.


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Bringing revolution to the art of film direction for more than half a century now, he has shown time and time again just how dynamic he can be with his signature style, incorporating different elements into his films while still maintaining that sense of awe and surprise. Along with that, the cultural impact that he has had over the world as well as inspiring many world-class filmmakers in modern times puts him right with the legends of the industry.

Killers of the Flower Moon, streaming on Apple TV.


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