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“I don’t even call him Kang”: Jonathan Majors Reveals Loki’s He Who Remains May Not be a Kang Variant, Teases Terrifying New Villain for Ant-Man 3 That’ll Make Thanos Look Puny

Jonathan-Majors Thanos

Jonathan Majors will be portraying the biggest threat to the MCU heroes in the multiverse saga. With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania weeks away from its release, fans are excited to witness the official entry of the next big bad threat for the MCU heroes, Kang The Conqueror.

Jonathan Majors has already made an appearance in the MCU as a variant of Kang in the Disney Plus series of Loki. But the actor has confirmed that the upcoming variant of the character in Ant-Man threequel will be nothing like the variant in Loki.

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Jonathan Majors as Kang The Conqueror
Jonathan Majors as Kang The Conqueror

Jonathan Majors confirms that Kang is completely different from He Who Remains

With phase 5 kickstarting the multiverse saga for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans can’t wait to witness the direction that the MCU is heading for in its next chapter. But one of the biggest excitement among fans is the return of Jonathan Majors after his brief appearance in the first season of Loki.

In an interview with Slash Films, The Lovecraft Country actor clarified that the Kang from the Ant-Man threequel has nothing to do with He Who Remains from Loki. He explained that the character of the TV show may or may not be a Kang variant and the upcoming version of Kang The Conqueror will be substantially different from the one that appeared in Loki. He further stated,

“I’m so radical about my language around it because I say, He Who Remains is He Who Remains. I don’t even call him Kang. There are no similarities between the two roles. I did play Kang the Conqueror second… I didn’t even look at the He Who Remains template regarding Kang. On purpose.”

Even though the traits and the number of variants of the character that exists in the MCU are unknown, it’s been confirmed that Kang will be the most prominent threat to the Earth’s Mightiest heroes yet. Avengers 5 writer Jeff Loveness has already confirmed that Kang will be substantially different and dangerous than the Mad Titan Thanos.

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He Who Remains from Loki
He Who Remains from Loki

Kang will be much more dangerous than Thanos

At the beginning of their cinematic universe, the MCU struggled to craft a consequential villain. But it all changed with the arrival of Josh Brolin’s Thanos, who is regarded as the greatest MCU villain so far. But it seems that the upcoming villain Kang may match the standards set by the Mad Titan.

Alike Thanos, Kang The Conqueror will also be getting a considerable period to grow as the biggest threat to our MCU heroes. And the Avengers 5 writer Jeff Loveness believes that Jonathan Majors’ Kang will be able to surpass the benchmark set by the Mad Titan and match the villainous standards of Josh Brolin’s Thanos on an exponential level.

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Kang The Conqueror and Mad Titan Thanos
Kang The Conqueror and Mad Titan Thanos

Fans are also excited to witness the different versions of Kang throughout the Multiverse Saga. Although it may be a hard task for the writers to top the legacy and impact of Josh Brolin’s Thanos, fans believe that Jonathan Majors can pull off one of the most terrifying villains in MCU history.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will hit theatres on 17 February 2023.

Source: Slash Film

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