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“I don’t even read Marvel comic books”: Secret Invasion Star Samuel L. Jackson is a Huge DC Comics Fan, Doesn’t Care Much For Marvel Despite Fan-Favorite Nick Fury Role

Secret Invasion Star Samuel L. Jackson is a Huge DC Comics Fan, Doesn't Care Much For Marvel Despite Fan-Favorite Nick Fury Role

Samuel L. Jackson is best known for his role as Nick Fury the leader of S.H.I.E.LD. He has appeared in many MCU films and TV shows as Fury the one-eyed leader. So many of the Marvel films would never be what they are if Jackson did not make an appearance as the wise, all-knowing, guide for the Avengers (remember Age of Ultron?)

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Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

After Secret Invasion was announced by Marvel rumors about possible plots and roles played by the cast have surfaced on the internet. Nick Fury has been absent from Marvel since Spider-Man: Far From Home for a long time now, and fans are hoping Secret Invasion will answer those questions.

Samuel L. Jackson revealed that he isn’t into Marvel Comics 

In a podcast titled Sad Happy Confused, Samuel L. Jackson was the celebrity guest. He talked at length about his career and lover of movies and comics. During their conversations, the Marvel star dropped some facts very casually but to us they were SHOCKING! 

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Samuel L. Jackson

Among some shocking facts, one of them was that he did not care for Marvel Comics. Yes, heartbreaking indeed, he casually stated how he liked every comic book and is a comic book fan but when it comes to the franchise he works in, it is a NO. 

“I’m a comic book fan, so I’ve been reading comic books forever. And truth be told, I don’t even read Marvel comic books. I kind of look at them, and when I discovered myself as Nick Fury.”

He continues, 

“I just started to see myself, and I would think, ‘What am I doing on this [comic book] cover?’ But that was kind of it, and I’d put the book back. But I’ve read DC comics my whole life. I mean, we all [grew up with] Superman, Batman, Aquaman.”

Yes, the heartbreak continues, L. Jackson does not only not read or like Marvel comics he prefers DC comics. The Pulp Fiction star has devoured all DC comics as a kid. 

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Samuel L. Jackson prefers DC Comics over Marvel

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Aquaman in DC Comics

When he was asked if his passion for DC comics would ever lead him to flip? The 74-year-old bluntly retorted how he shares no passion for the Cinematic Universes and is just his job as an actor, 

 “Actors are mercenaries. It’s kind of what we do. We act for who we act for. But I don’t know if I’m ever going to read a DC script that’s going to make me go, ‘Yeah, this is dope.’ I was all about DC. But I don’t know what the thing is about them cinematically.”

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Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s courage and no-fu*ks-to-give attitude make him such an icon, despite tremendous success in such a dynamic industry L. Jackson continues to remain who he is. The man speaks the truth as much as it hurts anyone listening. 

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Secret Invasion will release on Disney + , dated 21 June 2023

Source: HappySadConfused

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