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“I don’t feel better about myself, You can still f*ck up”: Brie Larson Shares What Jennifer Lawrence Told Her After Her Oscar Win

Brie Larson Shares What Jennifer Lawrence Told Her After Her Oscar Win

Brie Larson, the actress known to the world as Captain Marvel in the MCU, once needed help during her initial days. After winning her first Oscar award, Larson admitted that she did not feel any different. She called her best friend Jennifer Lawrence for help and she gave some very sound advice.

Starring in a 2015 movie titled Room, Brie Larson won her first Oscar for the category for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. After winning the Oscar, the actress did not feel any different and that is when Jennifer Lawrence came to the rescue.

Brie Larson in Fast X (2023)
Brie Larson in Fast X (2023)

When Jennifer Lawrence Helped Brie Larson Out

In the lead role of the 2015 movie, the Captain Marvel actress portrayed the role of a mother held captive in a room with no contact with the outside world. After starring in the movie, Brie Larson received her first Oscar under the category of Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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After winning the Oscar, the actress later revealed in an interview that she did not feel any difference after the win. In an interview with InStyle, the Kong: Skull Island actress revealed that Jennifer Lawrence was the one that helped her out with the situation. Jennifer Lawrence stated that the Oscar award acted like a certificate of validation only.

“I was like, ‘I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel better about myself. I still don’t feel like I’m a good actress. She was like, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s totally normal. I’ve had the same thing. Don’t think of it like that. Think of it as, like, you got your Ph.D. You’re certified; that’s it. It doesn’t change anything. You can still fuck up. Every judge is still human.’” 

The sound advice indeed helped the actor out since she still does not feel any different and continued to work normally like she used to. The actress recently starred in Fast X and with the character that she portrayed, it seems that she may have a future in the Fast family.

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Brie Larson To Join The Fast Family In The Future?

Brie Larson
Brie Larson

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With Fast X making the Fast family bigger, Brie Larson’s character of Tess was introduced in the movie. We won’t reveal any spoilers but only that she is pretty important in the movie and possibly the expansion of the franchise.

Larson’s character of Tess has a connection to Mr. Nobody in the movie. Taking handling of things, it seems that the character is sure to have a recurring role in the upcoming movies till the saga reaches its finale. It has been confirmed that there are yet two more installments coming in the future. Brie Larson’s Tess can be seen in Fast X which is currently screening in theaters across the world.

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