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“I don’t find that interesting”: Gladiator 2 Star Paul Mescal Takes Inspiration From Robert Pattinson’s Preparation for The Batman, Claims He Doesn’t Need to Buff Up to Match Unrealistic Expectations

Gladiator 2 Star Paul Mescal Takes Inspiration From Robert Pattinson’s Preparation for The Batman, Claims He Doesn’t Need to Buff Up to Match Unrealistic Expectations

Paul Mescal is all set to star in the sequel to Gladiator. The actor believes in the realism of media rather than anything that could be considered far from average in the eyes of the people. His preparation for the role has been happening in full swing but, not in the way the audience might expect.

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Paul Mescal is set to play Lucius in Gladiator 2

Being the sequel of an already loved film, the actor is heavily invested in making it the best with his efforts. Now that the movie is in the works, he already has an image of how his character would look and how he would behave. In a world of battles, he wants to bring physical normalcy.

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Paul Mescal Wants His Gladiator Character To Look Normal

Paul Mescal revealed that his workout for his role as Lucius in the Gladiator sequel is quite different than what one would expect at first. He focused on how seeing superheroes and period pieces where the actors are buff and built is very unrealistic because achieving that kind of body requires its own set of efforts.

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Paul Mescal

“Of course, there’s a physical robustness required for the character, but past that, I’m not interested. This guy’s got to fight and got to be a beast. And whatever that looks and feels like is right for me, is what it’s going to be.”

Mescal admitted that in his views, often enough the people in movies and TV shows do not look real. Fact and fiction are separate and the actor struggles to relate to the fictional aspects that get shown as reality in many situations. The actor is preparing to play Lucius, the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus. The sequel will also be made by Ridley Scott returning twenty years after the first movie. Although the plot is still a mystery, fans are excited to see the period drama come to life.

Another actor who chose to break the cycle of unrealistic goals was Robert Pattinson, his version of Batman was lean and not very muscular. Unlike Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and many other actors, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne was simpler, sleep deprived, and relatively human.

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Paul Mescal Does Not Want To Become A Superhero

Paul Mescal mentioned how the idea of starring in a superhero movie and becoming a part of a world like that was not one that he was fond of. Already sticking to his beliefs of normalcy, Mescal reverted that having a schedule so busy that he does not have time for himself is not something he would like to choose.

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Paul Mescal

“I don’t know if I would have the patience required. And I am deeply envious of people who do have that patience. I know that if I make that decision, I’m not going to wake up in five years’ time and be surprised I didn’t get time off to go to Turkey and make an independent film for two months. Knowledge is power.”

The actor admitted that in a day and age where superhero movies are peak cinema, not choosing to be in one may not be the best decision. However, he has thought it through and might not regret it years later.

Gladiator 2 will be available to watch in theatres from 22nd November 2024.

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