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‘I Don’t Get a Callback and I Keep Calling’: Kevin Hart Slams Mark Wahlberg for Not Casting Him in Entourage, Says ‘I Lost the Part to F*Cking Bow Wow’

Kevin Hart was recently seen in the Tortilla Challenge video with fellow co-star and best friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The hilarious video featured both the actors biting the heck out of each other with Tortillas all the while holding their laughter. However, this time Kevin Hart shared his humbleness all the while blasting Mark Wahlberg for stealing his role!

Kevin Hart at one of the premieres.
Kevin Hart at one of the premieres.

Kevin Hart calls out Mark Wahlberg for stealing his role

Kevin Hart along with Mark Wahlberg in Me Time
Kevin Hart along with Mark Wahlberg in Me Time.

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In a recent video, the American comedian is seen sitting with Mark Wahlberg as the latter interviews him. And during this video, Kevin Hart released some hilarious details regarding the actor’s professional career.

“I lost that part to f***ing Bow Wow” shouted the comedic actor. Among the many lines said between the gentlemen, the one that takes the cake, later on, is Kevin Hart cursing Mark Wahlberg to his heart’s content.

During the short duration of the video, the following lines are said by Kevin Hart:

“Well just give me a second, because this is a big moment for me to say f$$k you to you!” (talking to Mark Wahlberg). The latter, however, took the matter very professionally by saying “I think we’re gonna win an Emmy for this! This is like therapy for you!”. And the event was done in good humor.

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The background of Kevin Hart’s “F*** You”

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart posing together.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart posing together.

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During the earlier days of Hollywood in Kevin Hart’s days, the comedian had auditioned for a part in a series titled Entourage in which Mark Wahlberg served as an executive producer. After what Kevin Hart felt like a great audition, the Jumanji actor waited for a phone call to confirm his role. Much to his surprise, Mark Wahlberg had chosen another actor over Kevin Hart for the series, and thus, came the inevitable “F*** You” that Kevin Hart finally got to say to Mark Wahlberg.

After the whole incident, Kevin Hart does praise the latter for his stylization of the series Entourage which showcased a glimpse of Hollywood life and the feels of what it is like to be a great star. Kevin Hart was also recently seen with his co-star and best friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when the duo starred in the infamous Tortilla challenge much to the amusement of fans.

Kevin Hart is voicing Ace/Bat-Hound in the animated movie DC League of Super-Pets along with the voice of Dwayne Johnson as Krypto. The movie is slated for a release date of 5th August 2022.

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