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“I don’t get his loving after dark”: Despite Their Intimate Friendship Sandra Bullock Admitted She Never Had Any Romance With Ryan Reynolds

"I don't get his loving after dark": Despite Their Intimate Friendship Sandra Bullock Admitted She Never Had Any Romance With Ryan Reynolds

The 2009 romcom, The Proposal, introduced the audience to many great things: Betty White dancing to Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Oscar Nuñez’s impeccable pole dancing, and most of all, one of the greatest comedic pairs, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Not only were these two actors able to perfectly keep up with each other’s fast-paced deliveries but presented the modern world with a romance that has become an underrated jewel among all the off-season holiday rom-com.

Now that Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have been rumored to reunite on screen again, a lookback is warranted at the dynamic duo’s were-they-weren’t-they relationship since the late Noughties.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

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Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock: An Iconic Pair

Both A-listers now, the star power involved within Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is enough to light an entire silver screen on fire. As such, the explosions that occurred simultaneously when the pair stepped in front of the lens together for the first time in ’09 were iconic in their magnitude and the aftershocks can still be felt to this very day.

The Proposal (2009)
The Proposal (2009)

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Their wholesome rom-com, The Proposal, bent and broke many predominant stereotypes in the genre. It gave us a breath of fresh air without us even realizing we needed any. And so, the film holds a level of nostalgic essence that is inimitable at its core. But, rumors suggest that the two celebrities, who have remained great friends over the span of the past decade and a half are set to reunite once more on screen.

Although no sequel to The Proposal has been announced yet, one is needed just to follow up on whether Ramone is still on the prowl around Sitka, to check up on the status of Bob’s breakfront, and if Mr. Gilbertson has finally accepted that the Tate-Paxton relationship is truly authentic (this time around).

Sandra Bullock’s Friendship With Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have been infamous friends since the turn of the new century. By the time The Proposal came knocking, they had been buddies for almost a decade. The role of Margaret Tate which was supposed to initially go to Julia Roberts then fell on Bullock’s lap, and fortunately for everyone involved, the uptight witch-on-a-broomstick couldn’t have been played by anyone better.

However, the incredible chemistry that was felt on the screens between Sandra Bullock and her Canadian co-star was just that: an on-screen portrayal. Commenting on her relationship with Ryan Reynolds, the Ocean’s 8 actress claimed:

“I think there will be a collective sigh amongst women in the United States when I say he’s not my lover. He’s just an amazing friend I’ve had for ten years and I hope there is more friendship like that – but I don’t get his loving after dark.”

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock at The Proposal premiere
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock at The Proposal premiere

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Dating rumors surrounding the two have nevertheless prevailed, especially after The Proposal came out. In 2011, Reynolds met Blake Lively on the sets of Green Lantern (the latter had just gotten out of a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio). Soon after, the irrefutable power couple that is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have set couple goals and slayed Met Galas together and only recently welcomed their fourth child into their ever-growing and consistently warm and loving family.

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