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“I don’t have all the f—king answers”: Dwayne Johnson Had One Message for Lauren Hashian After Struggling With Ex-Wife Dany Garcia During Divorce

“I don’t have all the f—king answers”: Dwayne Johnson Had One Message for Lauren Hashian After Struggling With Ex-Wife Dany Garcia During Divorce

Johnson met his first wife, Dany Garcia when he was 18 years old. They were both students at the University of Miami, where Johnson saw himself as a future NFL champion. They had a daughter, Simone, in 2001, but they divorced in the summer of 2007. It seems fitting for Johnson’s tale that even this tragedy would turn into a unique kind of victory because Garcia took over Johnson’s management a year or two after their divorce, and their business collaboration has been at the heart of his success in movies and beyond ever since.

Dwayne Johnson says his divorce was very tough

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Dwayne Johnson with ex-wife Dany Garcia

When Dwayne Johnson met Lauren Hashian, his current wife, he had his guard up. He refused to open up and share what he was going through, and said it was “the suit of armor.” Soon The Rock realized the error in his ways, his relationship would never set sail if he was not honest with Hashian. So he dropped the act, and instead of always saying “Everything is great. Life is great. Going through a divorce, yes, but it’s great. Have a child who’s five or six at that time—it’s great.” he told her the truth. He said,

“And that truth was: Things are fucking hard. And this divorce is tough and it’s kicking my ass. And I’m really struggling, trying to figure out what kind of father I can be and not trying to bring the baggage of my own relationship—my complicated relationship—with my own dad to this relationship with Simone.”

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Dwayne Johnson with his wife Lauren Hashian

He continued,

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on, what’s going to happen in my career, because things, they’re not hitting the way I’d anticipated. So I had done a little bit of ripping myself open to her and sharing the truth and feeling like if we have a shot at a life together and if you’re going to love me, then the best version that I could give that is worthy of your love is one that’s truthful. So: ‘I’m working hard. I’m trying. I don’t have all the fucking answers at all. And I want you to know that truth.’ ”

He told Vanity Fair that dropping his macho act and telling his lady love the truth sort of saved their relationship. It also laid the foundation for the rest of their relationship; he would be himself with her and she would be at ease with him. The space that they shared became more secure for both of them.

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Dwayne Johnson spent his Honeymoon watching Rocketman

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lauren Hashian married in Hawaii on August 18.

In August 2019, the couple married in Hawaii, with the ocean in front of them, in a modest family wedding that they managed to plan without any information getting leaked beforehand. The ceremony took place at nine in the morning, and instead of saying “I do,” Johnson said, “absolutely do.” 

Johnson told in an interview, “I think I have had to be nothing but myself with Lauren and she has had to be nothing but herself with me.”

In a very adorable way, their honeymoon is the best example of how the two are their true selves with each other. The actor spilled how he spent his honeymoon with his second wife.

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When he returned to the hotel and saw Lauren was exhausted, he suggested her she should simply go to bed. Johnson wasn’t drowsy, so he sat in the next room with his cheat foods- chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and vanilla ice cream—and poured himself a tequila. Then he flipped through the available films, finally settling on Elton John’s fantasy biographical Rocketman.

Source: VanityFair

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