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“I don’t just do WWE. I live it. I love it”: John Cena Reveals Fast and Furious Stars Treat $6.9B Franchise The Same Way He Loves Wrestling

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With John Cena returning to the Fast X family to reprise the role of Jakob, the former WWE champion has nothing but nice to say about the franchise and his costars. Considering that the actor shares immense love and admiration for the 2-decade-long franchise, he didn’t back away from defending the Diesel-led film from its doubters.

While expressing his love for the whole thing, The Suicide Squad star compared working on the Fast and Furious franchise to working for the WWE. And even though he might not have the biggest role in this new installment, this doesn’t hinder his love for the franchise.

Spoilers ahead!

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John Cena
John Cena

John Cena compares his love for Fast X to WWE

Before cementing himself as an accomplished actor through the role of Peacemaker, John Cena was the biggest name in the world of pro wrestling and remains one of the greatest of all time. And considering his love for the business, as he states, “I don’t just do WWE. I live it. I love it”, it’s reasonable to see why he loves the Fast and Furious, as he treats it the same way as his WWE days. While showcasing his excitement for the new installment and his role in the film, the actor ran an analogy between WWE and Fast X by stating,

“And you look at a WWE show in its totality, you have the opening match and then the second match and then maybe a tag-team match and then a championship match… and each purpose of each match is to give a different perspective and Fast X is like WWE show because they finally split the family up, they fragment the family and each member of the family has to go on their own journey, so it’s like 7 mini-movies in one movie”

The actor also comes forward to tackle the criticism against the new installments in the franchise and fans asking when it will end, as he compares this argument to people saying WWE is fake.

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John Cena as Jakob Toretto
John Cena as Jakob Toretto

John Cena compares Fast and Furious‘ criticisms to people saying WWE is fake

For a long while, many have been questioning the choices of this franchise still moving forward, as fans believe that Fast and Furious has emptied its gas tank and should finally end. However, according to John Cena, this argument is similar to people complaining that wrestling is fake, as they don’t understand the main appeal of this franchise. Cena expressed that this question doesn’t matter as long the movies are providing entertainment to the fans. He said,

“Anyone who says, ‘Do we really need another one?’ I compare it to a fan who says, ‘Isn’t wrestling fake?’ They just don’t understand what we do and they just don’t understand what this is about. As long as the movies are exceptional, which this one might be my favorite of all time, and I go deep into the Fast library,” 

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Fast X
Fast X

Although the recent inclusion in the franchise hasn’t opened to high critical praise, Fast X has been pretty strong at the box office and reflects that Cena might be right about the franchise.

Fast X is currently running in theatres.

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