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“I don’t know how to place myself in that”: The Last of Us Star Pedro Pascal Reveals True Feelings About Joining MCU in Future


Pedro Pascal has been making headlines for his work and association with the new series The Last of Us, the show is an adaptation of a famous game and will air weekly on HBO. The show received pleasant reviews from critics and is at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The whole cast of the show has been doing interview rounds to promote their show.

In a recent interview, Pedro Pascal talked about whether he would be interested in joining the MCU and the actor would love to be a part of those movies, well who wouldn’t?

Pedro Pascal talks about playing an MCU character

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The Last Of Us

Pedro Pascal was shot to fame by his role in the Mandalorian, he was also on the cast of Game Of Thrones as Dornishman Oberyn Martell, and now in The Last of Us, Pascal has been excelling at whatever cards he is dealt with and people love him, they had long accepted him in GOT, however, it was with The Mandalorian, he plays the central character that gave him more space to show his diverse acting range. It would not be impossible for him to become a part of the MCU franchise as the next step in his career.

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Pedro Pascal in GAME OF THRONES

In an interview with WIRED, when asked if he would be interested in becoming A hero who wears a cape, The Mandalorian star very confidently stated:” I do want that. I want to be in movies.

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The actor said he would happily pick up the cape if it meant he could be in the movies. The interviewers nudged further asking “what it means to be a hero?” Pascal, instead of being cheesy and clichéd took a very different approach, he emphasized being kind and for us to remember

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Pedro Pascal in Mandalorian

“There are so many ways to misunderstand people and to forget that, at the end of the day, your neighbor is very likely to give you the shirt off their own back.” 

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Pedro Pascal also talks about Joel in The Last of Us

Pascal is playing Joel in The Last of Us, when the actor was asked what attracted him to this role, he very candidly answered,

To be totally honest, it was wanting to work with Craig Mazin, who did Chernobyl. Also, HBO is content that I literally grew up on. I experienced their original programming. Their original programming was very, very mature.

The actor is playing a role that is physically and emotionally challenging, even his character in The Mandalorian required him to put heavy costume but in this case, he has engaged in more violent fights, something that Pascal is not a fan of, like he mentions in the interview. He explains how Joel’s violence is scary for him, “Joel’s capacity for violence, and being good at it. I didn’t get into any physical fights growing up, and definitely not as an adult. Violence scares me tremendously. Is it the fear of violence in general? Is it the fear of your own violence?”

Many critics have hailed it as the best game adaptation ever, it has a very high rating and audiences are loving it too.

The Last of Us is streaming on HBO, with new episodes releasing every week.

Source: WIRED

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