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“I don’t know if I love it enough”: John Wick 4 Star Reveals She Almost Quit Acting Before Hiroyuki Sanada and Donnie Yen Inspired Her to Not Give Up

“I don’t know if I love it enough”: John Wick 4 Star Reveals She Almost Quit Acting Before Hiroyuki Sanada and Donnie Yen Inspired Her to Not Give Up

There are always going to be some setbacks on your way to the top. There sure will be times when you re-evaluate the decisions you have taken and you might even start doubting the path you are on. Well, something similar happened with John Wick 4 actress, Aimée Kwan.

Aimée Kwan
Aimée Kwan

Before getting the opportunity of a lifetime in John Wick, Aimée Kwan had almost given up on her dream of becoming an actress. Even though she loved acting, she had doubts if the crisis she was in was even worth it. However, all’s well that ends well as she soon got cast in John Wick: Chapter 4 as Mia, a relative of Donnie Yen’s character. She didn’t even know she was cast in John Wick until the day she was flown on set!


Aimée Kwan Almost Quit Acting Before John Wick 4

John Wick Chapter 4
Donnie Yen in John Wick 4

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Talking to South China Morning Post, Aimée Kwan stated that she was in a “total crisis” before landing the role of Mia in John Wick 4. So much so that she even almost decided to leave her acting career behind for good.

“I was in a total crisis. I was saying to my friend at the time, ‘I don’t know if I should quit. It’s just tiring. I love it, but I don’t know if I love it enough’.”

Luckily, she didn’t have to take that major step as she soon got cast in the Keanu Reeves starrer. Kwan stated that the opportunity meant a lot to her as at that point, she was staring at a possible dead end in her career.

“It meant a lot to me because I was on that precipice. It sounds really weird and cheesy because it’s just entertainment, but I think you need a really thick skin and a lot of mental strength just to get through the process before you’ve even got a job.”

When she got the call for the role, Kwan had no idea that the film in question was John Wick 4. She had been told a code name for the film and she only realized the truth when she was on the set of the film in Paris and Donnie Yen sat next to her. The actress was dumbfounded as Yen had been in one of the most influential films she had ever seen.

“I was just kind of like, ‘I literally don’t know what to do with my life. His movie Hero is one of the most influential movies to me.”

In another interview, Kwan recalled that Yen was very kind to her and was more than happy to oblige to her request for a photograph with him. The actress stated that she was grateful Yen gave her his time and that’s one thing she thoroughly remembers about the actor.

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John Wick 4 and Asian Representation

Rina Sawayama as Akira Shimazu and Hiroyuki Sanada as Shimazu in John Wick: Chapter 4. Photo Credit: Murray Close
Rina Sawayama and Hiroyuki Sanada in John Wick: Chapter 4

In the interview with SCMP, Kwan pondered upon the topic of minority groups in the industry. While John Wick 4 has a ton of Asian actors, Kwan is the only Southeast Asian among the group. She commended the film and actors, Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rina Sawayama for highlighting Asian culture and tradition.

It’s still not the easiest industry for anybody who’s any kind of minority…But what’s really cool when you watch it is, not just with Donnie Yen, but also Hiroyuki Sanada and Rina [Sawayama], when they have their storylines in Osaka and so on, you really get a sense that [this film is honouring] either the culture of the place, or at least the visual martial arts and film tradition that is connected to them…It’s not just the idea that, ‘Yay, there are lots more Asian people in it. It’s nice to see those Asian actors being put in and it doesn’t feel like virtue signalling.”

We are quite excited to see where Kwan will be headed next. As for those who are going to watch the film, the actress has only one piece of advice – stay until the very, very end.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is now in theatres.

Source: SCMP

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