“I don’t know if there’s any duplications there”: Yellowstone Alums Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan Have Both Been Accused of Plagiarism

Taylor Sheridan might've borrowed material from Kevin Costner's new Western epic.



  • Kevin Costner implies Taylor Sheridan might've borrowed material for 1883 from his Western epic.
  • Costner's comments further fuel rumors surrounding Sheridan plagiarizing other works in the genre.
  • The Emmy winner was visibly emotional after Horizon: An American Saga earned roaring applause at Cannes.
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There has long been rumored tension between Kevin Costner and Yellowstone showrunner Taylor Sheridan, as it was speculated Costner’s alleged issues with the writer led to his exit from the show. But despite marking his exit from the universally acclaimed show, which will end with its second half of season 5, the JFK star isn’t done with westerns, as he has now kickstarted his own film series.


However, during the premiere of his Horizon: An American Saga, the actor fueled up rumors surrounding the Yellowstone creator plagiarizing materials from other Westerns.

Kevin Costner Stirs Speculations Surrounding Taylor Sheridan Stealing Ideas

Isabel May and Tim McGraw in Taylor Sheridan's 1883 [Credit: Paramount Network]
A still from Taylor Sheridan’s 1883 [Credit: Paramount Network]

While the Yellowstone spin-off 1883 earned rave reviews upon premiering back in 2021, some fans pointed out the similarities of its plot with other classics in the genre. This includes Lonesome Dove, Tombstone, and Dancing with the Wolves, as fans stressed that the major story bits of the show were taken completely from them.


In addition, now Kevin Costner tuned in and implied Taylor Sheridan might’ve also borrowed material from his new Western epic, as Sheridan was sent the script of the film years before.

Kevin Costner plays Hayes Ellison in Horizon: An American Saga
A still from Horizon: An American Saga | Warner Bros.

Costner said (via IndieWire):

So I don’t know if there’s any duplications there. Whether he borrowed something, only he’d have to admit to.

However, considering Westerns are as old as the art form itself, it’s not new for artists to take inspiration from what has come before. Moreover, Sheridan is no stranger to taking inspiration from some of the best the genre has to offer, and similar might’ve been the case for the prequel series. As for the comparisons between 1883 and Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga, it can’t be said for certain and fans will have to wait until the film hits the big screen next month.


Kevin Costner Got Teary-Eyed After Receiving Roaring Applause at Cannes

During its premiere at Cannes, Costner’s ambitious Western epic received a roaring 7-minutes applause from the crowd, and the Emmy winner was visibly emotional. With three more entries planned in the franchise, whose sequel is slated to hit screens later this year, Kevin Costner delivered a touching speech as the crowd kept chanting “Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!” 

Kevin Costner in horizon- an american saga
A still from Horizon: An American Saga | Warner Bros.

He said (via Variety):

I’m sorry you had to clap that long for me to understand that I should speak. Such good people. Such a good moment, not just for me, but for the actors that came with me, for people who believed in me who continued to work. It’s a funny business, and I’m so glad I found it. There’s no place like here. I’ll never forget this — either will my children.

While it can’t be exactly said for certain if the plot bits were taken directly from Costner’s Western epic or merely served as an inspiration for 1883, it’ll be interesting to see Sheridan’s view on the matter.


1883 is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

Horizon: An American Saga will hit theatres on 28 June 2024.


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