“I don’t know what the marketplace is”: Zack Snyder is Unsure About His ‘Homoerotic’ 300 Sequel That Would’ve Shown Alexander the Great’s Love Story

Zack Snyder is Uncertain About a Homosexual Greek War Epic Featuring Alexander the Great

“I don’t know what the marketplace is”: Zack Snyder is Unsure About His ‘Homoerotic’ 300 Sequel That Would’ve Shown Alexander the Great’s Love Story


  • Zack Snyder revealed that he worked on the script for Blood and Ashes, a sequel to 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire - the Greek epics.
  • Snyder and his wife and producing partner, Deborah Snyder have purchased the rights to the film back and have no restrictions on making it.
  • The filmmaker is unsure of the audience's reaction to a homoerotic, violent, and super sexual film featuring Alexander the Great.
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Having directed some of the most legendary films over the years, Zack Snyder has essentially established himself as one of the most renowned directors of all time. From working alongside James Gunn on his directorial debut to having his own superhero universe in DC, Snyder has definitely come a long way. Although the Justice League director is quite busy with Rebel Moon, his sci-fi passion project will be released this December.

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However, Zack Snyder shared when he was working on his other project, Army of the Dead he had partly worked on the script Blood and Ashes. The film would act as a sequel to 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire, and this Greek war epic would have featured one of the greatest figures of history, Alexander the Great, and his homosexual relationship with his second in command, Haphaestion. 


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Zack Snyder’s Unconventional Greek Epic Sequel

During an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder shared that he and his wife and producing partner, Deborah Snyder have managed to purchase back the rights to the film, and they have no restrains on taking the movie to a different studio.

A still from 300
A still from 300

The filmmaker continued that they have no restrictions in making the third film, but he is unsure what the viewers would think of a homoerotic, and extremely violent film featuring Alexander the Great.

“We got the rights back so we can make if we want it. I don’t know what the marketplace is for an incredibly homoerotic, super violent, super sexual movie. But maybe it’s perfect.”

The idea of another sequel in the 300 universe would indeed be a great idea, and following the same norms of those times would add a layer of reality and make the film feel and look more real, as Greek men and soldiers were quite intimate with each other.


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Netflix’s Head of Film Talks About Reviving The SnyderVerse

In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Stubber, Netflix’s Head of Film discussed how he heard that Snyder fans ardently want Netflix to purchase the rights to SnyderVerse so that the filmmaker can continue with his universe. Instead of ending those rumors, he politely acknowledged the situation and how anything could happen in the future.

A still from Zack Snyder's Justice League
A still from Zack Snyder’s Justice League

“That’s always tricky because you don’t own it. Obviously we would like to license it at some point. We’d love to have it on so that fans can experience more Zack. The more Zack we have, the better we are.”

The idea of Netflix purchasing Zack Snyder’s SnyderVerse is an appealing idea as James Gunn, who took over the DC Studios as the Co-CEO decided to reboot the DCU so that he could get a clean slate for himself to work on. Moreover, as popular as the SnyderVerse is there are only a limited number of films that were a major box office success because the idea of a darker film did not go well with a majority of the viewers, so Netflix must think it through before purchasing those rights.

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300: Rise of An Empire can be streamed on DIRECTV.


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