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“I don’t know where it is”: Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her Oscar Award After the Ceremony, Didn’t Keep it at Her Home Despite Recovery

"I don't know where it is": Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her Oscar Award After the Ceremony, Didn't Keep it at Her Home Despite Recovery

Jennifer Lawrence has done a lot of movies that have proved just how incredible of an actress she is. From The Hunger Games to Red Sparrow, her work has nothing but pure talent in it. She is the second youngest actor to win an Oscar and she deserves it. She is also the youngest actress to have three Oscar nominations. What she has achieved at her age, many dream and aspire of doing so.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

While she has won a great deal of awards and she is a favorite amongst generations combined. With her talent, it is not a question as to how and why she has been winning so many awards. Her performances speak for themselves. However, one award she refused to show off was her Oscar.

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Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her Oscar

While Jennifer Lawrence going on stage to receive her Oscar was a story on its own, it was a year after that when things became even more interesting. The actress revealed in an interview that she had no idea where her award was, hoping dearly that it did not get lost. From her tripping on the stairs to her losing the award, she has made her entire journey with the award an amusing one.

Jennifer Lawrence gave her crew a hard time with her Dorito obssession
Jennifer Lawrence

“I don’t know where it is,” Lawrence revealed. “I think it might be in Kentucky. I hope it’s in Kentucky. If not, it’s gone. I don’t have it.”

She was unsure of her award’s whereabouts and as concerning as it may be, the actress made it seem to be rather light-hearted. While Lawrence presumed it to be in Kentucky, she also added the fact that if it was not there, then it was surely lost. Perhaps never to be found again. Fortunately, that was not the case and she did ultimately find it again.

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Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Want To Display Her Oscar

After having found her Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence still chose to keep it away from the eye of the people. Although awards of such high stature are often displayed for the public to see, Lawrence did not want to do so. She instead wanted to keep it hidden so as to not seem like she was bragging about it.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook

“I wanted to hide it, but she said we had to show it off, keep it in plain sight. I didn’t agree because every time somebody came over, it just seemed like I wanted them to see it. So we compromised: the Oscar is at my parents’ house. They keep it on the piano.”

She continued as to how her mom thought otherwise and was very keen on displaying the actress’s win. So the award now sits in her parents’ house instead of hers. While her family can brag about the win and be proud of their daughter, she does not have to seem as if she wants the world to see her prize.

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