“I don’t like it too much”: Kevin Costner’s Disapproval With Taylor Sheridan for Yellowstone Makes His Return Unlikely for 1 Reason

Kevin Costner's objection with Taylor Sheridan's vision for 'Yellowstone' dims his hopes for a comeback!

“I don’t like it too much”: Kevin Costner’s Disapproval With Taylor Sheridan for Yellowstone Makes His Return Unlikely for 1 Reason


  • Kevin Costner explained the reason behind his departure from 'Yellowstone.'
  • It was primarily due to prolonged negotiations regarding the split of season 5.
  • It reportedly stemmed from disputes with creator Taylor Sheridan over script secrecy.
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Kevin Costner’s role in the future of Yellowstone is up in the air. As Season 5 Part 2 is slated for a November 2024 premiere, the success of the show largely depends on his performance as John Dutton — the patriarch of the Dutton ranching dynasty.


But there are rumors circulating about tension between Costner and the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, due to disagreements about where the show is headed. The Yellowstone star might not be entirely happy with the progress of the show, which could be a reason for his departure, too.

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner
Yellowstone star Kevin Costner

While Sheridan is known to keep his scripts and thoughts private, Costner is famous for preferring projects where the characters are central. He believes that viewers connect with shows because of the characters and that it’s important for their actions to make sense.


Kevin Costner’s Dispute with Taylor Sheridan Casts Doubt on his Yellowstone Return

Kevin Costner has revealed the reason behind his sudden exit from the popular TV series Yellowstone, created by Taylor Sheridan. The 69-year-old actor addressed the issue during a child support hearing in Santa Barbara, California. This hearing was linked to Costner’s divorce proceedings with Christine Baumgartner.

Costner pointed to a “long, hard-fought negotiation” over the split of season 5 as the primary reason for leaving the show. He expressed disappointment at not being part of the series despite its immense success, saying (via USA Today), “I’ve been told it’s a little disappointing that (it’s) the number one show on TV (and) I’m not participating. I’ll probably go to court over it.”

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Before Yellowstone, the Lynwood native mainly worked in movies and had only appeared in one-off roles on television. His major TV project prior to Yellowstone was the miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, in which he played the role of Devil Anse Hatfield.


In traditional TV and movies, actors usually know the entire story arc of their character beforehand. However, Yellowstone is different. Just like the unpredictable nature of ranching depicted in the show, the actors don’t know what’s going to happen next with their characters.

“It hasn’t been an easy adjustment for me,” Costner said to IndieWire. “I don’t like it too much.” He prefers knowing the trajectory of his character in advance.

Will Kevin Costner Return to Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

According to a recent report from Puck, Kevin Costner “has been telling people” that he intends to make a comeback, even if it’s just for a brief appearance as John Dutton in the final Yellowstone episodes — but that “there are currently no plans for him to do that.”


The future of the character is uncertain as Yellowstone heads towards its last season. The people in charge of the show are working hard to figure out what to do with the storyline, depending on whether Costner decides to stay or not.

If he doesn’t come back, they might make John’s disappearance a big part of the plot, explaining it with a dramatic event or a choice to keep his family safe. An insider told Us Weekly:

“[Taylor Sheridan] could incorporate a big event to explain the disappearance [of Dutton], or there’s a calculative move to protect his family from an enemy.” 

But if Costner changes his mind and decides to come back at the last minute, the writers will have to quickly find a way to fit him back into the story.


Yellowstone is available to stream on Peacock.


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