‘I don’t make those kinds of decisions at Marvel’: Don Cheadle Debunks Rumors He Forced Kevin Feige To Turn Armor Wars Series into a Movie

'I don't make those kinds of decisions at Marvel': Don Cheadle Debunks Rumors He Forced Kevin Feige To Turn Armor Wars Series into a Movie
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The decision of turning Armor Wars from a Disney+ series into a movie instead was a shocking one, to say the least. But it managed to earn exciting reactions from fans nonetheless, since this is going to be the first MCU feature film that Don Cheadle will be headlining.

Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle

The news about the sudden switch concerning the MCU project was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter a while ago, thereby sparking curiosity amongst the Marvel fandom whether Don Cheadle had any sway regarding this change or not. And it turns out he didn’t, as the 58-year-old actor himself clarified, indicating that Marvel didn’t grant him authority to such a degree that he could change the course of an entire show and release it as a film.

One might think that for someone who has been a part of Marvel for more than a decade, the award-winning actor might have an active say in decisions of such importance that directly involve him. But it looks like there are some things that even War Machine can’t control.


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Don Cheadle Talks About Armor Wars Being Released As A Film

Don Cheadle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, where he addressed the subject of switching Armor Wars into a movie instead of releasing it as a Disney+ show, the way Marvel had initially announced.

According to certain rumors that floated around the internet, Cheadle had apparently put some pressure on Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige to transform Armor Wars into a movie instead of a series. And Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the chat show prompted the two-time Grammy winner to shed some light on the same by asking him whether he had any hand in this major decision or not. Cheadle, to this, responded in the negative.


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Don Cheadle as War Machine
Don Cheadle as War Machine

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t make those kinds of decisions at Marvel,” the Miles Ahead star revealed.

Kimmel further prodded the topic by referring to Cheadle’s superhero character in the MCU, saying how War Machine is the kind who “would just tell everybody what he wants to do.” But the Reign Over Me actor remarked how War Machine is just a fictional character, pointing out the fact that reality tends to work in a much different way than the fictional world.


Don Cheadle Isn’t Responsible for the Armor Wars Switch

As the Hotel Rwanda star himself admitted, it wasn’t because of him that the six-episode Disney+ series (as was originally planned) got altered as an upcoming movie instead, and neither did he have any say in the decision-making process that followed.

As per MCU executive Nate Moore, the main reason why Armor Wars won’t be released as a full-fledged series is because some concepts and ideas that the franchise had in mind for narrating an Armor Wars storyline, were too vast to cramp all of them into one single show.

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Marvel's Armor Wars, Disney+
Armor Wars will be released as a film instead of Disney+ series

Cheadle’s Marvel debut was marked by his role in Iron Man 2 (2010) when he replaced Terrence Howard as the military veteran James Rhodes. So in a way, releasing Armor Wars as a film serves to be of great value to him, considering how it will be his first-ever solo superhero movie in the franchise as War Machine. However, as the House of Lies star stated, this decision was one that didn’t fall under his radar.

Plot details of Armor Wars along with its release date are currently being kept under the wraps.

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