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“I don’t need that in my life”: Joe Rogan Admits He Will Feel Like an “As*hole” With Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile From The Batman

"I don't need that in my life": Joe Rogan Admits He Will Feel Like an "As*hole" With Robert Pattinson's Batmobile From The Batman

Matt Reeves introduced Robert Pattinson as Batman in the 2022 film. While the film went on the be one of the highest-grossing films of 2022, it received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the Twilight star for his performance as Batman and others did not find it good enough. Joe Rogan also shared his opinion on Matt Reeves’s version of the DC superhero during his podcast. However, he also had suggestions to make it even better.

The Batman (2022)
The Batman (2022)

The discussion came down to Batman’s iconic ride, Batmobile. Brendan Schaub who joined Rogan on his podcast shared details about the Batmobile used in The Batman. When he suggested he should buy one of those cars, the JRE host explained why he does not need them in his life.

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Joe Rogan Does Not Want a Batmobile

While discussing The Batman with Brendan Schaub on his podcast, Joe Rogan shared the things that could have made the 2022 film even better. While talking about Colin Farrell’s character in the movie, they came down to discussing Batman’s Batmobile in the film.

Joe Rogan, podcaster and comedian
Joe Rogan, podcaster and comedian

While discussing the chase scene in the 2022 film, Schaub shared that the film used a second-generation Dodge challenger as Batmobile. “Dude, that car scene in with Batmobile, if you look up the Batmobile, that’s actually the chassis of an old school Dodge Challenger.”

The JRE host agreed with him, saying that he’s also heard about that. He said, ” Old school Dodge Challenger, and then they did a bunch of like off-road sh*t.” The former martial artist then suggested that he should buy one Dodge Challenger for himself.


However, Joe Rogan has some issues with the model. He said, “Seems like it’s a wide thing to park.” Schaub insisted that parking would not be an issue and “it’d be fun.”

He then asked Rogan if he thinks he would feel like an as*hole on the Dodge Challenger because it’s so loud, the comedian shared that he does feel like that in his Chevelle. “It’s so loud,” he said. Joe Rogan stuck to his decision, saying that he does not need more cars as he already got enough cars.

The podcaster reportedly has a wide range of cars in his collection, which includes Tesla Model S, BMW M3, Ford Bronco, Porsche, and so many more.

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Joe Rogan Wants a Batman Movie Featuring Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

While talking about the antagonist in the 2022 film, the host of the JRE podcast shared that it would have been much better if it provided more information about the Riddler. He also shared that he loved Todd Phillips’ Joker and Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in the film.

Joker FandomWire
Joker (2019)

“That Joker is so good, but it’s so creepy and such a good movie,” he said. Joe Rogan further said, “Todd Phillips has fu**ing nailed it. And Joaquin Phoenix is crazy as f*ck.” He said that the character in the 2019 film is so so believable and that the makers build the film very well.

He went on to explain that the film does not explore Riddler’s background, and it would have been much better if the film had that element. He then shared that it would be great if the studio made a Batman movie with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. “Like if they had a new Batman movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, that’s gonna be insane,” he said.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman and Joker are available on HBO Max.

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