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“I don’t sleep. I go unconscious”: Tom Cruise Defies Logic To Become Hollywood’s Biggest Star By Sacrificing Sleep To Get Ahead of Schedule

Reviewed By: Angad Singh

Tom Cruise Defies Logic To Become Hollywood’s Biggest Star By Sacrificing Sleep To Get Ahead of Schedule

Tom Cruise has strived hard to give audiences a great theatrical experience. Be it performing death-defying stunts on his own or pushing for theatrical releases and supporting other big releases, Cruise does it all. He is considered to be one of the last superstars of a generation.

With such huge achievements, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders as well as a schedule that is extremely packed.

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Tom Cruise’s Dedication Towards Cinema

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was last seen in this year’s Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. The seventh installment of the legendary action franchise saw Cruise tempting fate once again with high-speed sprinting, amazing chases, and death-defying stunts, that the fifty-eight-year-old actor did on his own.

Last year the actor brought in unprecedented numbers to the theatre amidst a pandemic with the release of Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel to his 1986 classic action film Top Gun was a huge success.

For his contribution to the exhibition industry, director and collaborator Steven Spielberg was heard showering praises on the actor. He said,

“You saved Hollywood’s a*s and you might have saved theatrical distribution. Seriously, Top Gun: Maverick might have saved the entire theatrical industry.”

Cruise is a star who has no qualms about working hard for something that he truly loves doing and he reportedly has an insane schedule that helps him do what he does best.

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Tom Cruise Does Not Sleep

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Co-stars and other industry friends of Tom Cruise have often expressed their admiration for the actor’s work ethic. Simon Pegg, who stars with him in the Mission Impossible series, spoke about Cruise to E! News,

“He leads from the top down. And he’s kind of inspiring to be around. There’s no one else like him, he’s the last movie star of the old kind.”

The actor himself spoke about how he has trained all his life to make films and everything he enjoys doing, such as skydiving, riding motorcycles, or speed flying, he tried to apply to his films. Talking to Fandango about his work schedule, he said,

“And also the hours that I work, I work seven days a week, and I’m producing and everything that we are dealing with during this time period. I have to say I enjoy the pressure, I do enjoy the challenge, but I realize – I woke up, and I enjoy this.”

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

With Cruise, losing sleep over his art form is not just a metaphor. While attending the premiere of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, he was asked by E! News about his co-stars’ statements about his insane sleeping schedule. The interviewer mentioned that an actor had said that they had only seen Cruise sleep twice in the seventeen years that they had worked together, once on a plane to Japan and once on a zero-gravity bed. The actor smiled and confirmed the statement, saying,

“I try not to [sleep]. You know what, I think I go unconscious. That’s what happens. My days start early and they go early.”

Without much sleep, the actor has managed to bring blockbusters to the cinema again, proving Spielberg’s statement that he is the savior of cinema.

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