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“I don’t think I want to do this”: Margot Robbie Reveals She Was Terrified Before Doing the Infamous Wolf of the Wall Street Scene, Couldn’t Back Out During Her ‘Lowest Phase’

“I don’t think I want to do this”: Margot Robbie Reveals She Was Terrified Before Doing the Infamous Wolf of the Wall Street Scene, Couldn’t Back Out During Her ‘Lowest Phase’

Margot Robbie is most well-known for her portrayal of Harley Quinn, the obsessive love interest of the Joker in the DC universe. She eventually gains the consciousness to leave the man who likes manipulating her more than loving her and finds a family among the dysfunctional misfits known as the Birds of Prey. However, that character is now being hailed as complex, with filmmakers and performers contending for Margot Robbie’s immense potential.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

However, Margot Robbie has reflected on her early career, admitting she was unprepared for the repercussions of stardom after appearing in 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street.

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Margot Robbie says fame after Wolf of Wall Street was one of her ‘lowest moments’

Margot Robbie was just 23 years old when she got her breakthrough part as Naomi Lapaglia, the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort, in Martin Scorsese’s dark comedy based on the real-life Belfort and his illegal activity of cheating wealthy investors out of millions of dollars. The Australian actress told in an interview with Vanity Fair that the sudden popularity she received following The Wolf of Wall Street was quite challenging. Margot Robbie stated,

“Something was happening in those early stages and it was all pretty awful, and I remember saying to my mom, ‘I don’t think I want to do this.’ And she just looked at me, completely straight-faced, and was like, ‘Darling, I think it’s too late not to.’ That’s when I realized the only way was forward.”

Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Steet
Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Steet

In the interview, The Suicide Squad actress explained how her fame affects her privacy and even her family’s safety: “If my mom dies in a car accident because you wanted a photo of me going in the grocery shop, or you knock my nephew off a bike—for what? For a photo?” she says. “It’s dangerous but still weirdly nothing feels like it changes.

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Margot Robbie says she’s better at negotiating stardom now that she’s been in the industry for well over a decade.

Margot Robbie has now got better at understanding the paparazzi’s behavior

Before her popularity, she believed paparazzi were interested in the truth, but now she finds herself as the focus of rumors and gossip. She told the magazine that news junkets worry her out since her remarks might be misinterpreted. “It’s like tap dancing through a minefield because you’re so tired and you’ve done it for hours and hours, and to keep on guard all the time…. You can say it right a thousand times, but if you say it wrong once, you’re f***d.”

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

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She is said to have accepted that she cannot rectify every false narrative, adding, “You want to correct it, but you just can’t. You have to, I don’t know, look the other way.” At the moment, Robbie is due to co-star with Brad Pitt in the upcoming historical drama picture Babylon. The film will explore the rise and collapse of numerous ambitious Hollywood visionaries in the 1920s.

Babylon will be released in theatres on December 23rd this year.

Source: Vanity Fair


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