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“I don’t think there was ever Plan B for him”: Chris Evans Talks About Jeremy Strong Playing Captain America in MCU, Says He’s Happy Succession Star Found Stardom After Giving Up Hope on Hollywood

Chris Evans Talks About Jeremy Strong Playing Captain America

Jeremy Strong made a name for himself in the Industry after his critically acclaimed role in the HBO series Succession. According to some of the recently unveiled details from Strong’s career, he was almost set to play a body double for Chris Evans in the first Captain America movie. As the news came to the surface, one of the first persons to react immediately was our Steve Rogers himself.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong

Chris Evans and Jeremy Strong have been related to each other for a long time. They both used to be high school classmates. Besides, Evans’ sister was one of his costars in the children’s theater group, and later both Evans and he acted opposite each other in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Jeremy Strong was almost cast in the MCU

It is interesting of a fact that the Succession star could have been possibly a part of the MCU. Although directly not as a superhero, Jeremy Strong was almost cast to play the feeble version of Chris Evans‘ Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America The First Avenger
The portrayal of the weak Steve Rogers in Captain America

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Strong revealed that he lost a role in Cowboys & Aliens directed by the Iron Man director Jon Favreau. Following the rejection, the actor was approached for a role in the first Captain America movie. The actor was considered to play the feeble version of Steve Rogers whose face would be changed with that of Evans in the post-production.

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Now at that time Jeremy Strong was not doing very well economically and confessed to having thought long and hard about whether or not to take the role:

“They needed someone to play Captain America’s young body, before he turns into a superhero. They said they needed a transformational actor and would use CGI to put the actual actor’s face and voice over my own.”

But after that, the actor received a role in a play which made him say no to the Marve job, even after much consideration:

“I considered it. But that’s my story of LA. It was just never going to happen for me here. It didn’t feel like what I had to offer was valued. And the next day I went back to New York and did a play about a veteran from Afghanistan in a wheelchair during the blackout of 2003.”

Who knows, but following the achievement of the Zero Dark Thirty actor, maybe we can spot him someday in the frames of the MCU.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong has struggled a lot to rise to fame

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Chris Evans’ reply to Jeremy Strong

Chris Evans’ career owes a lot to his portrayal of Steve Rogers in the MCU. The role shaped his career to be one of the most known faces in the industry. Starting from Captain America: The First Avenger, he continued to play the role till Avengers: Endgame. 

Black Panther FandomWire
Chris Evans as Captain America

Hearing about the news of Jeremy Strong’s potential MCU debut, the actor claimed that he didn’t know it and acknowledged that whatever happened was for good. He is extremely happy that Strong is getting the stardom he always deserved.

“Oh no! It just goes to show the industry is so unpredictable. But I’m so happy things worked out, because I don’t think there was ever plan B for Jeremy”

Jeremy Strong really struggled a lot to advance in his career. Repeatedly, he has been a part of some of the best projects in the industry. He has been a part of films such as Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, and Armageddon Time. He is also very well renowned for his portrayal of Kendall Roy in the Succession series for which he also received a Primetime Emmy Award as well as a Golden Globe.

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Succession (2018-present)
Succession (2018-present)

Succession focuses on the Roy Family and is renewed for a fourth season which is to be released in mid-2023.

All the seasons of Succession can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: The Sunday Times

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