“I don’t think there’s a better candidate than Cavill”: Titans Star Ryan Potter Calls Henry Cavill the Greatest Superman Ever, Snubs Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh to Get The Witcher Star on Show

“I don’t think there’s a better candidate than Cavill”: Titans Star Ryan Potter Calls Henry Cavill the Greatest Superman Ever, Snubs Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh to Get The Witcher Star on Show
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Henry Cavill has become a busy man with his return as Superman in the DC Universe and the rumors about him becoming the newest James Bond. His expanding his talent more into movies rather than television series has been a turn of events for The Witcher actor as he left the show shortly after the announcement became concrete.

Ryan Potter with Brenton Thwaites in Titans

On a completely different angle, Ryan Potter, playing Garfield Logan in Titans remarked about how he would enjoy seeing Cavill’s version of the scarlet-caped hero in his own show if the opportunity would ever manifest. This, so much so, came to the fans as a shocker as the DCU already has its own television Superman as Tyler Hoechlin.

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Ryan Potter Wants To See Henry Cavill In Titans

Ryan Potter is famous for playing Garfield Logan, and Beast Boy in Titans for the last three seasons, with the fourth one still ongoing. The latest season sees the team visiting Metropolis with Super Boy being granted an opportunity to meet Superman for the first time. There has not yet been any casting announcement and the character has only cameoed through mentions. Following this, Connor too misses the chance to meet him, however, not without interaction with Lex Luther, Superman’s arch-nemesis and Connor Kent’s creator.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

Having this being an important plot point for the show, the idea of Superman making an appearance does not go without saying. Much like that, Ryan Potter believes that Henry Cavill might be the perfect choice even in the television universe. He talked about how the actor was the ideal image of Superman and that his portrayal of the character was the best so far. Considering how the show has so far focused a lot on Batman and the feelings surrounding the Caped Crusader, this change of pace is truly refreshing for the fans.

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Henry Cavill’s Future In The DCU Could Be Anywhere

As a result of Cavill’s recent appearance in Black Adam and Man of Steel 2 finally being greenlit, DC fans are already busy speculating about where he might next show up.

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Under the direction of James Gunn and Peter Safran, the DCU franchise has recently been set on a path to developing a single interconnected continuity spanning film, television, and animation, whereas the film arm of the DCU was once thought of as a very separate entity from DC’s various television projects.

Ryan Potter

This would also bring in the fact that having Cavill as a part of the show could be way beyond the budget the showrunners have been given. Even as a cameo, the Enola Holmes star is a big name, one of the biggest at the moment, and his fee would be beyond what the Titans budget offers.


On another hand, Cavill’s Superman, on the other hand, definitely wouldn’t fit in well with the Titans universe right now. His participation would probably only serve to confuse viewers and thwart plans to clean up the DCU’s main continuity because they have already established their own versions of characters like Batman and Lex Luthor.

However, there may still be a chance for the Titans characters to enter the DCU since the events of next year’s The Flash movie are anticipated to integrate ideas of the multiverse and multiple timelines into the franchise.

Titans season four is currently streaming on HBO Max.


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