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“I don’t think there’s a place for me there”: Henry Cavill Nearly Confirms Disappointing Rumors of Quitting TV Shows For Good, Debunks Aegon the Conqueror Role in ‘House of the Dragon’

Henry Cavill Aegon

Henry Cavill has recently been owning the collective attention of the media and the masses with his near-constant headline-worthy news and statements. With him reappearing on the front page, after an extended and widely protested hiatus from the world of DC, the Superman actor has gathered up a lot of critical speculation with him at the center. One of those rumors that was quite favorably supported by the audience was his joining the cast of House of the Dragon in its Season 2 run.

Henry Cavill tells all on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast
Henry Cavill tells all on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast

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House of the Dragon Prepares for Aegon the Conqueror

HBO’s critically acclaimed and already popular spin-off prequel to Game of Thrones aka House of the Dragon traverses Westeros during the reign of the Targaryens. With its first chapter now complete, the series has paved a well-laid path beginning from the ascension of Viserys I up to his disturbingly slow death, thus marking an internal battle of succession and consequent bloodshed. The consecutive seasons will now explore the decades of Aegon the Conqueror’s tyranny and mindless oppression.

Aegon II Targaryen is crowned Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms
Aegon II Targaryen is crowned Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms

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A huge aspect of what constitutes the world of George R.R. Martin’s creation is the rumors and theories emulated by the fans to give sense to the events of the politically strained Houses of Westeros. But while Game of Thrones took its time in narrating the events, thus delivering more satisfaction in the culmination of the pent-up tension after seasons of build-up, House of the Dragon is quick to its resolution and jumps years and decades into the future in its impatience to reach the end goal. In its hasty conclusion, Aegon II is now the crowned King, whose vanity leads him to suddenly love his birthright even though he spends two decades hating it.

Henry Cavill Debunks Rumors of Aegon the Conqueror Role

Henry Cavill has been doing a lot of quitting and resurrecting all over the place right now. Across genres and franchises, the actor’s name has become a constant utterance, the biggest news being Cavill’s reprisal of the Superman role in Warner Bros.-managed DCU. Much to the mass’s chagrin, he has also quit Netflix’s The Witcher fueling rumors about Henry Cavill being done with television roles for good. But one rumor remained, partly due to the audience’s unrelenting wish for it to be true, i.e. Cavill as the future Aegon the Conqueror in House of the Dragon Season 2.

Henry Cavill quitting The Witcher raises major questions about his tv career
Henry Cavill quitting The Witcher raises questions about his tv career

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The Man of Steel actor, however, has expressly put a stop to the further progression of those rumors while speaking to Josh Horowitz on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast.

“To be fair, when I was watching House of the Dragon, I was like, ‘I feel like a lot of these guys could make really good Witchers…’ I think it would be cool to be in Westeros, I really do. I don’t think there’s a place for me in there, though.”

Although this does not effectively state his distancing from television roles in the future, at the moment, Cavill does seem like he is cutting all ties on his journey to the accession of DCU. It would have been interesting, however, to witness a tyrannical Cavill spanning the skies on a dragon’s back, and we already know he can (magnificently) pull off platinum blonde.

House of the Dragon Season 1 is now streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

Source: Happy, Sad, Confused

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