“I don’t think there’s a wasted frame in it”: Pixar Vowed Never to Make Anything Like Toy Story 2 Despite its Perfect 100% Rating 25 Years Later

Toy Story was a very difficult movie to make.

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  • Toy Story 2 has been regarded as one of the best animated movies of all time.
  • However, many might not know how tedious it was to make.
  • The animators were forced to make a movie that required 4 years, in 7-8 months.
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There is no denying that Toy Story is one of the greatest pieces of animated storytelling. The film represents the true extent of the medium and was one of the first to showcase it on such a large scale. Cartoons no longer needed to be two dimensional, and these sorts of films could hold so much more meaning than anyone could have imagined.

A still from Toy Story
A still from Toy Story I Pixar

After this, when fans could not think things could get better, Pixar released Toy Story 2. The film has been regarded as a masterpiece everywhere, and its 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes only reinforces it.

However, many of its fans would not know what actually happened behind the scenes, during the production of the movie. It would seem that the animators and crew of the film had to break their backs trying to meet the deadlines they were given.


Toy Story 2–A Sleepless Nightmare

Although Toy Story 2 has been regarded as perfect, its making was not easy in any way. While animation has become a lot more efficient when the movie was being made, technology was a lot different. Pixar was especially particular when it came to the project, they released, so on average, one animated movie could take years to be developed.

Tim Allen Toy Story 4
A still from Toy Story I Pixar

However, after the success of the first film, the studio wanted to drastically reduce the production time. The company’s official YouTube channel detailed exactly what happened through Lindsey Collins.

“It was like a psych experiment. Okay, there’s a two-way mirror somewhere with some psychologist in a white coat saying, ‘Now make the [system] crash.’
Woody once again saves the day!: A still from Toy Story
A still from Toy Story I Pixar

The studio set a deadline of 7-8 months, and this wasn’t the hard part. The brunt of this simple number was left by the animators and creators of the film, who were forced to work tirelessly for ridiculous hours to get the job done.


The effect was so drastic that Pixar made the decision to never do something like this, simply because of the number of conflicts and problems that were arising among their employees.

The Pain Was Worth It?

Lindsay Collins, who did work on Toy Story 2, revealed that although these 7-8 months were horrible, they did help in making a perfect film. She elaborated on this, stating that the tight schedule meant that they did not have time to add any sort of filler scenes.

Toy Story
A still from Toy Story I Pixar

No scene was wasted, and every single shot in the movie had substance and intention. Many critics would argue that this is exactly what every film should do in order to make a good movie.

I actually think it’s the example of the tightest film that’s ever come out of the studio. I don’t think there’s a wasted frame in it. And if we’d had three years, if the movie would have been any better … but I think the movie might have actually suffered from having more time.
Toy Story
A still from Toy Story I Pixar

Collins also added that if they had a regular, 4 year period to make the movie, she does not think that it would be as good. While it is safe to assume that not every employee would agree with this sentiment, Collins’s opinion does make sense and can be felt in the final product.


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