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“I don’t wanna do a remake”: Shazam Actor Zachary Levi Doesn’t Want to Ruin the Magic of The Last Starfighter With a Lackluster Remake

"I don't wanna do a remake": Shazam Actor Zachary Levi Doesn't Want to Ruin the Magic of The Last Starfighter With a Lackluster Remake

Zachary Levi opens up on his interest in working on a sequel to The Last Starfighter. The 1984 space opera movie has quite a wide fanbase. A discussion was going on among the fans on Twitter if the Shazam actor can be a good casting. Levi joined the conversation to present his take on the future of the movie. The actor revealed that he wants a continuation of the movie rather than any remake.

The Last Starfighter
The Last Starfighter

It is often seen that the remakes of many popular cult classics fail to recreate the same magic. That’s what motivates Zachary Levi to opt for a continuation of the story rather than a disappointing remake. Several reports also hinted that we might get a possible sequel to the 1984 movie.

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What did Zachary Levi say on The Last Starfighter?

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi has been spotted quite a few times speaking about the Nick Caste directorial during some of his interviews. Amidst a Twitter discussion related to the movie, a set of fans spoke about bringing the DC star for the project. A user claimed that Levi’s age might play an issue in the role of the main lead who was in his late teens during the events of the first movie.

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But another one replied that it would not have been a very major problem for the actor to portray such a role. Or it would be more accurate if Levi plays the role of Centauri instead of the main lead. Here, the 42-year-old actor popped into the conversation and claimed that he is only ready if it is a continuation and not a remake as he doesn’t want to ruin the magic of the original movie.

It can’t be denied that it raised hype among a certain section of fans. Moreover, hopes are there for the future of the space movie as it was subjected to several conversations over the years.

What is the future of The Last Starfighter?

The Last Starfighter
Lance Guest as Alex Rogan

The Last Starfighter tells the story of a teenager Alex, who is selected to fight a massive galactic war based on his arcade gaming skills. As the statement by Zachary Levi created quite a buzz, it must not be forgotten that a potential project on the future of The Last Starfighter was in the works for many years. While various big names like Seth Rogen and Steven Spielberg wanted to get associated with the project, screenwriter Gary Whittia ultimately advanced with the project.

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The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story screenwriter stated that he along with the original writer Jonathan R. Betuel will pen down a brand new project which will serve both as a reboot as well as a sequel to the classic. In 2021, Whittia even posted a concept reel for the sequel on YouTube along with the title The Last Starfighters. 

But last year, Gary Whittia further added that there are chances we might never get any project on the movie but he and Betuel tried their best to make it happen.

The Last Starfighter can be watched on Amazon Prime.

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