“I don’t want a kid around me”: God of War Director Faced Pushback for the Game’s Most Poignant Aspect That No One Initially Wanted in the Studio

Many fans would not know how the addition of this character remained conflicting at first.

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  • The soft reboot of God of War introduced the character of Atreus, Kratos' son.
  • However, his addition to the game was conflicted at first, with lead members questioning his presence.
  • The stem of the problem originated from a young character being present around the dangerous environment Kratos is always in.
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There was essentially a large distinction in the God of War soft reboot when put in contrast to its original video game series. This included the introduction of Kratos’ kid, Atreus, and the Norse Mythology theme, which was a surprise to many but a welcome one.

A still of Loki and Atreus from God of War gameplay
Kratos and Loki | A still from God of War gameplay

With such drastic changes, one can guess how much of a challenge it would have posed while producing the game. It was also revealed via the creative lead of the game himself how members of the crew were conflicted with many of the ideas they were implementing, including the addition of Atreus.

Why Atreus’s Addition To God Of War Was Conflicted At First

A still pf Atreus' rage from God of War gameplay
Atreus Spartan Rage | A still from God of War gameplay

Despite being a gambled addition to the game, Atreus, also known as Loki according to his Norse Mythological name, soon became one of the most significant parts of the God of War reboot. He also became a protagonist alongside Kratos in the follow-up GoW: Ragnarok, released in 2022, allowing gamers to play as him during some parts of the game.


Talking about how the studio members debated on the character’s addition to the game, Cory Barlog, the creative director of the game stated the following in an interview via GamesBeat.

Then it was like—people were not that into it. ‘I don’t get it. Why are we putting a kid in here? That’s weird.’ Even Jason McDonald, the lead combat guy, he had said multiple times, ‘I have a kid. Thinking about going into these scenarios, I don’t want a kid around me. That’s dangerous.’ It resonated with him, but in a weird, protective way.

The creative director revealed that members and different leads on the title expressed how they felt weird adding a kid to the dangerous life of Kratos. The presence of a younger character was questioned as he would be portrayed in a potentially harmful environment, causing developers to become protective in a sense.


What Comes Next For A God of War Fan

Main Cover for God of War: Ragnarok
Main Cover for God of War: Ragnarok

As always, the greed for a new title never ends, and fans, are now looking forward to a potential trilogy for the God of War franchise, following up with the events of Ragnarok. Fortunately, this dream might just be materialized soon, as Santa Monica, the studio responsible for developing the game has posted new job listings, indicating how the studio might be gearing up to get on with the next installment.

It remains highly likely that the rumored title can also turn out to be a spin-off, covering Loki’s journey as he travels across the many lands to find other giants like him in the world. Additionally, most fans also demand Kratos make his way into Egyptian mythology, which would make sense to do so as he has already finished his job in Greek and Norse mythology respectively.

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