“I don’t want to pick one. So I’ll pick two”: The 2 SnyderVerse Heroes Jason Momoa Wanted in Aquaman 2 – Did Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck Make the Cut?

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The 2 SnyderVerse Heroes Jason Momoa Wanted in Aquaman 2 – Did Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck Make the Cut

Jason Momoa is an exceptionally talented and successful actor. He is best known for his work in massively successful projects like The Fast and the Furious franchise, Game of Thrones, and most famously, his work in the DC Universe as Aquaman, having a unique and dynamic style to his acting. During the release of Aquaman, the actor gave a number of interviews for the promotion of the film.

Jason Momoa in and as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

During one such interview, Momoa was asked about which characters would he like to see alongside Arthur Curry. Interestingly enough, the actor mentioned the name of two characters from Zack Snyder’s Snyderverse.

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Who From The Snyderverse Would Jason Momoa Want To Work With?

It has become quite a common thing in superhero movies these days, which come from the biggest franchises and universes, to feature more than just the protagonist. Fans have become quite used to characters from past films popping up for a sub-plot or a few scenes here and there. During an interview, Jason Momoa was asked who he would have loved to see in this film, even if as a character in the background.

First look of Jason Momoa from Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

“I mean, I would, I absolutely love Flash, I absolutely love Ezra, he’s one of my…, he’s like family to me. Just to have him on set. But you can’t have Flash come stroll to the set.” he said to Collider.

The actor thought for a second about who would be the best addition to the Aquaman series, before answering honestly. Momoa revealed that he would love to share the screen alongside Ezra Miller’s Flash, even though the film by the latter did not perform very well. The actor went on to say that he is very close with Miller, saying that they are like family to him.

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Ezra Miller Isn’t The Only One

Jason Momoa then went on to say that as much as he would love to see Ezra Miller in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, he does not think that it would make much sense for their characters, and would not work very well. He was then asked if could think a cameo that would work well for a possible sequel for this movie. To this, he said,

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

”I think Wonder Woman would be pretty rad too. Flash and Wonder Woman would be my first two. I don’t wanna pick one, so I’ll pick two.”

The actor thus chose two of his Justice League colleagues whom he would love to work with in the Aquaman series, with the first being Miller’s Flash, and the other being Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

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