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“I don’t want upfront money”: Kevin Hart Reveals Genius Strategy He Uses To Make More Money Than His $350M Worth Co-Star The Rock

kevin hart richer than rock

Kevin Hart’s whole personality is based on a comedic strain of consistently hilarious deliveries. He infects himself and those around him with his energy and it doesn’t matter the company or the scenario, he is one of the rare few talents in the industry who can genuinely uplift any setting to the extremes of laughable commentary. One of his best interviews so far was with James Corden, promoting his newly launched chain of plant-based restaurants.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart Divulges His Jumanji Sequel Earnings

In the game Truth or Eat It! in The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kevin Hart had some attention-swerving information to share in order to save himself from the array of weird gourmet presented before him. The game usually begins with the host presenting a controversial question that his guest would be reluctant to answer, and in case they avoid it, they have to eat whatever Corden has picked out for them.

Kevin Hart at the Late Late show's segment, Truth or Eat It
Kevin Hart at the Late Late show’s segment, Truth or Eat It!

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In Kevin Hart’s case, the question posed was about his Jumanji: The Next Level earning which, as most can guess, is substantial considering how well the movie did at the box office. But no matter how close the guesses of the audience may be, the actors never actually divulge their salary for any particular project, which in this case proved wrong. Kevin Hart, reluctantly reveals that he received between USD 25 to 30 million for the Jumanji sequel.

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Kevin Hart’s Strategy to Earning As Much Money as The Rock

The Central Intelligence actor has had quite a lot to say when it came to revealing what his salary was simply for a single Jumanji movie. Before actually attempting to answer the question, the actor went on a long rant to disclose what he actually thinks is a genius strategy to ensure more profitability for a Hollywood production.

Jumanji: The Next Level
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart attend the Jumanji: The Next Level UK Film Premiere

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For one, Hart revealed that he never takes upfront money. His modus operandi is based on the longer game plan which is to take lesser than his designated amount so as to ensure that the project actually does better in the long run and consequently be an acclaimed hit and a global success at the box office. Hart claims, “That is not a Kevin Hart success, that is a studio success. The good thing about being a good partner is that you want your studio to be successful”  which was, of course, added afterward in good humor.

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden

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